The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 160

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have had a great week and have some fun plans to look forward to this weekend. We are going to have a Family Movie Night tonight and yummy Rainbow Fruit Salad for breakfast on Saturday.

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Thank you for participating in The Ultimate Pinterest Party!

        Link up 2 pins to The Ultimate Pinterest Party from Friday at 8 am ET - Saturday 8 am ET


Last week, Tammy's hosting was down, and it took all weekend to migrate it to a new host. There was a mix up in sending out the email telling everyone to link up at Home Crafts by Ali a day late -- after the party had closed. Therefore, we had only 6 pins linked up. We did pin them; and this week, we are back to normal! Thanks for hanging in there with us!


Here are the MAIN RULES:

  • Rule #1:  Link up only 2 PINS (not blog posts.)
  • Rule #2:  Do NOT re-pin from the linky below.
  • Rule #3:  You must commit to re-pinning from THE ULTIMATE PARTY BOARD on SATURDAY or SUNDAY. (Re-pin from the pins that say "The Ultimate Party, Week 160 pins.")
  • Rule #4: Please only link up your own original pins that contain your images to this party.  Do not link up pictures of other bloggers that you may have included in a round-up.  Your collage of pictures for a round-up would be fine.
  • Rule #5: Please do not link up sale posts from your blog or sale posts that go to Etsy or Ebay --only pins that go to actual blog posts on your blog. Thank you.

Details to Observe:

  • Before you link up the pin, click on the pin and make sure it takes you to your post, not your home page. 
  • Pins that are linked up should be new to this party.
  • Linking up to this party gives the hosts permission to use a picture and a link to your post if they feature your post on their blogs or social media.
  • Creative K Kids is not responsible for stolen images or the mis-use by others who have found your image through

Thanks for making this party such a success!!

PLEASE SHARE!    You can share on all the social medias (facebook, google+, etc.) but  here is a Twitter button to make it easy!


  • Follow your hosts on Pinterest.  (Click "Follow All" and then go back and unfollow individual boards if you don't want to see some of our pins):
Tammy from Creative K Kids -- Click HERE to follow on Pinterest.
host of The Ultimate Pinterest Party
Ali from Home Crafts by Ali -- Click HERE to follow on Pinterest.
host -- Ali from Home Crafts by Ali

  • Tammy will send out an email to everyone that has ever participated in this party on Friday morning when the linky is open.  She will also send an email on Saturday morning reminding everyone to re-pin some pins.   There will be a link to the party in case you haven't linked up and there will be a link to the Pinterest board. 
  • We will have all the pins pinned by 8 am Eastern time Saturday morning.
  • Please re-pin sometime on Saturday or Sunday.  If you know that you do not have the time to re-pin pins, then DO NOT LINK UP!
  • I can decide to not pin a pin if it goes against my beliefs or against the rules of this party.
  • Please grab the button to help bring awareness to this party.  Put on your party page, sidebar, or post!
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