Make Your Own Clay Polymer Beads

When it comes to crafting, I make a wide range of items, but quite a few of them are similar. In December I read that a blogger was inviting other people to join her in a year of trying a new craft or technique each month. I thought this would be a way for me to branch out in my crafting.

This month I decided to try my hand at making clay polymer beads. I've seen many other people who have created absolutely beautiful items with their clay and hope to get there one day. For now, I have beginner level beads that I made and am sharing with you today.

DIY clay beads


Creatively Crafty Link Party #3

Hey there! I'm so happy you came to visit the Creatively Crafty Link Party!  I can't wait to see what great posts will be shared this week!

As for things here at Home Crafts by Ali, this last week I shared sewing tips and a book review.


Welcome to the weekly link party!


The Water-Saving Garden Book Review

Over the past few years, many parts of the country has had less rainfall than in the past. Taking care of your garden and yard in these conditions can be challenging. Read below for my review of this new book.

Water saving garden book review


Sewing Sock Monkeys

I have two little girls (10 & 8) who both love to wear colorful, fun, and outlandish socks. As I was walking by the women's socks I found a few colorful pairs that I thought would be great for sock monkeys. I decided to make a few for my girls and they have loved them!

Sew sock monkeys using colorful patterned socks

Usually here on Home Crafts by Ali I share my own tutorials. This project isn't one that I thought up myself, so I'm linking to the tutorial that I used to create these sock monkeys. I did want to share how my monkeys turned out though and let you know a few tips I figured out as I was making these cute monkeys.

CCBG Link Party #2

Hey there! I'm so happy you came to visit the Creative Craft Bloggers Group (CCBG) Link Party!  I can't wait to see what great posts will be shared this week!

This past week on my blog I shared a kitchen tip, a recipe roundup, and a DIY decor project.

onion chopping tip    Pizza Recipes roundup   Easy DIY wall art

Welcome to the weekly link party!


Easiest (and best!) tip for tear free onion chopping

We've all had those times when we start chopping onions for our favorite recipe and our eyes start to sting and suddenly there are tears pouring down your face. If you follow this one tip, you can have tear free onion chopping from now on!

1 easy tip for tear free onion chopping


Creative Craft Bloggers Group Link Party #1

In January, I joined up with a small group of fun crafty bloggers. We have a monthly challenge that we do and I love seeing the projects that they create. We decided to start a link party too this week. Link your creative posts to this link party. I can't wait to see what you all share!

Creative Craft Bloggers Group Link Party


15 Fabulous Pizza Recipes

At our house, one meal all of us can agree on is pizza. We love the warm and cheesy slices of goodness. I searched the internet for 15 fabulous recipes you can try in your own home to make your own dough, snack and appetizers, desserts, and perfect pizza pies. Try one of these on your next pizza night!

national pizza day recipes kids fruit fun dessert dough appetizers snacks cheese 15

Today is National Pizza Day, so I thought I would share some tasty recipes from a few wonderful food bloggers. I have made quite a few of these myself and can't wait to try the new ones I found. I hope you see one that makes your mouth water and inspires you in the kitchen!

Scrap Fabric Wall Art

Sometimes it's fun to change up your current wall decor. Going from store to store to look for the perfect item is not quite as fun. So why not make your own? If you follow this simple tutorial, you can make your very own custom made wall art in about 20 minutes!

Make your own colorful wall art using scrap fabric decopodged on a canvas

I spend quite a bit of time in my craft room/office. I love the yellow color of the walls, it puts me in a cheery mood. The only problem is that I haven't done any decorating in there. I decided that my walls needed a little color. What better way to add a fun decor piece than making it myself?

I looked through my paints thinking that I would paint a picture or a quote. Then I noticed a pile of my fabrics that I was getting ready to put away.

Colorful fabric to make your own wall art

Aren't they lovely? I looked at them and decided that i needed to use them in this project. I still have quite a bit of fabric left over and may make a pillow for the love seat in my craft room. Be on the lookout for another project with these wonderful fabrics!

Paper Heart Valentine Tree

Make this Paper Heart Valentine Tree in 15 minutes to add some fun patterns to your Valentine decor. This DIY project is a simple and quick one that you can finish it in the time it takes you (or your kiddos) to watch a show on tv.

scrapbook paper valentine heart tree cricut explore decor display

A few months ago we collected some dried branches at the local school. We used some for a project in November and I've had these leftover in the garage since. I was thinking about another Valentine project I could do and decided to make this tree decorated with paper hearts. I like that I was able to use multiple designs of scrapbook paper for this project, and how the different patterns look with one another.
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