DIY Decoupage Wood Photo Frame - for baby

Do you have a sweet little one that you want to display a picture of in a cute way?  Follow the directions in this simple tutorial to make your own decorated wood frame. Perfect for your own little one, or to give as a gift to your friend or family member who is expecting a sweet baby.

diy decoupage photo frame baby

If you have wandered the aisles at your local craft store, I'm sure you have seen those unfinished wood frames. I just love those. You can decorate them in so many different ways that the possibilities are virtually endless. I bought one of the rounded corner square photo frames a few weeks ago and made this DIY decoupage photo frame for a baby shower gift for one of my blogging friends.

These decoupage frames are quite simple to make and are a nice way to display photos. Gather your supplies and within half an hour you will have a personalized photo frame.

$50 IKEA Gift Card Giveaway

I have a deep love for IKEA, you can get good quality items for your home at a reasonable price. When we get the yearly catalog in the mail with their new items, all of us take turns flipping through the pages and daydreaming about which items we want for our home.

When my blogging friend Julia from The Quiet Grove announced it was her blogiversary and she was hosting an IKEA gift card giveaway, I knew that I wanted to join her for this giveaway. A $50 gift card can help you, my lovely readers, buy those necessary items for your home as well as those fun decor pieces you may want. If I entered and won, I would definitely buy their Raskog utility cart and a whole bunch of their lingonberry juice. Have you tried the juice? You must on your next visit!

IKEA Draper gift card giveaway


Free Summer Reading Chart Printable

When summer break starts kids want to spend their summer doing all the things that they didn't have time for during the school year - swimming, playing with friends, riding bikes, family vacations, and relaxing. Continuing to read during the summer is important for kids though and sometimes you need to find an inventive way to keep reading time on your summer schedule.

free summer reading chart print out at home

Summer reading charts are fun ways to encourage children to read during their break from school. You can think up some things together that your child can work toward earning as a reward for filling out their reading chart.


Relax with an adult coloring book

It's nice to take a little time for yourself and do something relaxing. Everyone enjoys relaxing in a different way. You need to find something that you enjoy, that is worry free, and that you can do in your available moments.

To relax, I like to be creative. I love working with colored pencils, but unfortunately I am not very talented at drawing. Thankfully over the past few years coloring books for adults have become popular and plentiful. Getting out my colored pencils and choosing which coloring book I want to work with is how I start to relax.

Read below why I love adult coloring books, then visit the giveaway at the end of my post to enter the Ultimate Adult Coloring Book Giveaway. It's a good one!

Coloring books for adults to relax with
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