10 Oh So Cute Sewing Projects

I'm always looking for cute sewing tutorials to inspire me to start a new project. Looking at all the talented bloggers out there that share their ideas and projects has made me want to pull out my sewing machine, pick through my fabric stash, and start sewing.

10 Sewing Tutorials From Multiple Bloggers

These projects are for all different levels of sewing experience - some just right for beginners and other projects that are more advanced. No matter how experienced you are at sewing, you will be able to find a cute project just right for you.

10 Oh So Cute Sewing Projects

Sewing Tutorial cosmetic bag

We Are Scout Puppy Pillow Softie

Owl Sachet Ginger Melon Dolls

Tutorial to make a pineapple drawstring bag

scrap fabric round pincushions

reusable snack bag tutorial

easy sewing sleep mask

Sew a quick mixing bowl cover

Flowered Quilted Potholder

colorful and cute luggage tag

I hope you found a sewing project that you want to try for yourself. For more sewing inspiration, you can visit my Sewing or Quilting Pinterst boards as well as the sewing project tutorials I have shared here on my blog.

10 sewing tutorials


  1. Nice blog I love the pin cushions

  2. Nice blog I love the pin cushions

  3. Love these. So cool! My girl will love them. Great ideas for a nice bonding time with my little one - Thank you!!


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