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The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 167

Happy First Day of Fall! The leaves are beginning to change colors, the weather has gotten cooler, and it's been cloudy for the past few days. Perfect for bundling up in sweaters, curling up under a blanket to read, and finding ideas for tasty fall recipes and crafts!

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

recently on home crafts by ali - sewing project tutorials and looking at changing colors of leaves

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15+ Fat Quarter Sewing Projects

Do you have a few fat quarters in your fabric stash that you want to use? These fabulous project tutorials will make sewing with your fat quarter fun!

15+ fabulous fat quarter sewing project tutorials

Each time I go to the fabric store I buy a fat quarter, or two, to add to my ever-growing stash of fabric. There is something about those colorful little rectangles of cute fabric that are hard to pass by without adding a few to your cart.

I thought a great way to celebrate National Sewing Month would be to share some easy and fun sewing projects that you can make with fat quarters. I hope you find a few that you want to try to make!

The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 166

Another Friday is here, and with it the promise of a relaxing upcoming weekend. I hope you have some fun plans!

I'm looking forward to reading a book, going to a neighborhood dinner, spending time with family, and checking out the interesting pins by great bloggers being shared at this link party! I hope you find some craft tutorials, recipes, and advice that you can use in your life.

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

Sewing Books you will love slow cooker stuffed pepper soup on Home Crafts by Ali
  • If you are looking for some fun sewing projects for all different ages, you should check out my post with Sewing Books You Will Love! There are fun projects for beginners at sewing, decor, gifts, toys, quilting, and kids learning to sew.
  • The temperatures have dropped this week, which makes me start to think of fall soups. Check out the recipe to make this easy Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup. You will love the flavors!

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Sewing Books You Will Love

Sewing is a relaxing and creative hobby. You start with beautiful, colorful, and soft fabrics and end up with a finished piece that can bring so much happiness to whomever receives it.

Whether you are a beginner at sewing or have experience, it's always exciting to find inspiration for a new project to sew. I am sharing sewing books you will love that have all kinds of projects, tips, and advice for your next sewing project.
quilting scrap sewing books for project inspiration
Sewing books will give you detailed instructions with clear photos to help you plan out your next project to work on. On this list, I have books for beginners at sewing, projects to make with small amounts of fabric, decor pieces, multiple types of projects, quilting, and even books that will teach children to sew. There is a little bit of everything so you will be sure to find the sewing book that is just right for you!

The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 165

Thank Goodness It's Friday! I'm sure I'm not the only one excited for the weekend to be starting soon! I hope your weekend is packed with fulfilling activities.

I'm looking forward to a book launch party that my oldest daughter wants to attend (it's great that we share a love of books!), checking out the farmers market for some cucumbers to pickle using my Grandma's recipe, and finding some great articles to add to my Pinterest boards from the family friendly pins that are linked up at this party!

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

recent posts on Home Crafts by ali - National Sewing Month plan and Oven Roasted Ranch Potato Recipe
  • September is National Sewing Month and I'm telling you all about what kinds of posts and tutorials I will be sharing throughout the month. What tutorials are you interested in seeing?
  • Potatoes are such a wonderful comfort food during fall...or really any time of the year. We love these Oven Roasted Ranch Potatoes - soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside with bursts of flavor! Yum!

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