Fabulous Fruit Salad

I love spring and summer when fruit and vegetables are in season.  Everything tastes fresh and full of flavor.  When I went to the store the other day, the kiwis were ripe, the pineapple was perfect and I couldn't resist buying them to make a fabulous salad.

I get tired of the same old fruit salad with apples, bananas and grapes. I like to add some extra tasty fruits to make is a little more special.

2 kiwi
1 orange
1 pineapple
1 pear
1 fuji apple
1 cup cherries, pitted

During the summer, we like to go to the local farmers markets and see what good items they have for the week.  That is still a few weeks away, so this time my produce was bought at the grocery store, except the cherries.  I picked those last year at a great orchard in a city near where I live.  I used quite a few for ice cream, jam, and eating, then I froze the rest for smoothies and snacking on.  Stanton Cherries in Payson was a great place to visit.  They had Bing cherries, Ranier cherries, and a small section of Lapins cherries.  They were a very nice family.  They made picking easy by having ladders set up all over the different areas in their orchard, and they even cut down branches of trees so kids could easily pick cherries without having to climb the ladders.  They even provided a cherry pie recipe!  We are definitely going to visit again this year.

For the fruit salad, I peeled and chopped the fruit.  Usually I set aside one or two slices of orange before I chop everything.  Make sure to be careful with the kiwi, it is easily bruised when ripe.

Place the fruit in a bowl.  Squeeze the reserved slices of orange on top and mix the fruit.

Doesn't this look great?  I love the colors together.  And the best part?  It tasted so light and refreshing.  I love to make this for an after school snack, when we go on a picnic, or as a side for breakfast.  I love to add peaches in the summer.  Add whichever fruits you like best!


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