The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 159

Can you believe this is the last Friday in July!? Where did the summer go? We have had a great time playing in the water, having BBQ's with our neighbors, finishing our summer reading, and having a lot of fun together as a family! What have been your favorite summer adventures?

This week my computer finally gave up on me and I had to buy a new one. While I'm excited to have a dependable computer again, my week revolved around comparison shopping and driving to stores all around. I did update a few post images though, so I will share those with you. Next week I am excited to announce that I will be having a giveaway for National Coloring Book Day (yes, surprisingly it is a real thing). Check back on my blog next Tuesday or at the party next week for that!

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

  • DIY Mixing Bowl Cover - An easy sewing project that will be so useful! Your bowl cover can be made to fit multiple size bowls so you can cover your mixing bowls, your serving bowls at the next BBQ, or your stand mixer bowls when they have to chill in the refrigerator.
  • Family Favorite Creamy Guacamole. Easy to make, delicious to eat. Perfect for your next Taco Tuesday, get together, or an evening snack. Sharing is optional!

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reader favorite 8 Quick and Easy Real Food Snacks for Travel by Mama Finds Her Way


Home Crafts by Ali features pins from Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 158 pesto globe makeover summer cupcakes paper flowers
Since Tammy is having some computer trials and couldn't post this week, I decided to feature 4 pins from last weeks link party instead of just 2.

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The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 158

Here we are at another Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend - sleeping in on Saturday, visiting the local farmers market, a neighborhood BBQ, and spending time with my family. What great plans to look forward to! What do you have planned for the weekend?

I don't have any new posts to share with you this week. My husband and oldest were out of town camping and I was busy having fun with my youngest. I've got some good posts planned next week though that I think all of you will really like!!

In the meantime, you can check out the links here at The Ultimate Pinterest Party! If you are a blogger, leave a link to a pin you want to get in front of a new audience. If you aren't a blogger, take a look at the family-friendly pins.

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The Ultimate Pinterest Party - Week 157

Another Friday has come and I'm excited to see what fun pins will be shared at the Ultimate Pinterest Party this week! I love getting new ideas for parties, tasty food to try, and fabulous crafts and decor!

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

  • Cool down with this family friendly Shirley Temple with a Twist drink recipe. It brings back such good memories of special dinners out with my family.
  • Come see some thrift store makeovers at the Inspire My Creativity craft challenge link up. I share the easy tutorial on how I took a plain bucket and made it super cute for my girls to hold their hair and beauty supplies.

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Shirley Temple With a Twist Recipe

This recipe for a Shirley Temple With a Twist is refreshing, sparkly, and will please kids and adults alike. This is a fun drink to make for a festive occasion, or to make an ordinary day a little more special.

Shirley Temple with a twist recipe non-alcoholic kid friendly drink

When I was little and we went to a "fancy" restaurant, well at least to an eight year old it was, I always ordered a Shirley Temple to drink. It was something I always looked forward to - the sweet and fizzy soda with a few maraschino cherries added an extra specialness to an evening out with the family.

Inspire My Creativity - Fabric Decorated Galvanized Bucket

It's so easy to add a little extra color and style to an already cute storage bin or bucket, when you take 15 minutes to do a little decor makeover. I have a simple makeover that will look great in any room!

cute home decor mod podge decoupage fabric

I love shopping at thrift stores and looking for the perfect item that is waiting for a  makeover. Some of my favorite projects (this sign and this Lego Dollhouse Tray for example) have been items I've found at our local thrift store and used a little imagination and a bit of makeover magic to create something that I really love. Join me for a look at this easy makeover to a cute little galvanized bucket I found during one of my recent trips to the thrift store.

The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 156

This past week we had a great family and friend celebration for the 4th of July. It was a fun time, good food, fireworks, and night games. I love summer celebrations with warm evenings, tasty food, and great company.

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

how to make easy patriotic bracelets for kids

These Easy Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Bracelets for Kids are a fun and quick activity that your kids can do with some supervision. These fabric covered bracelets were fun to make with my kids and they are easy to make for any season of the year or holiday. Just let them choose their favorite fabric and you can make a bunch of these.

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Easy Red, White, and Blue Bracelets For Tweens

Your kids can add some red, white, and blue accessories this 4th of July when they make these simple bracelets. With just a few supplies and some adult supervision, your tweens can make these patriotic bracelets in just a few minutes. This easy project can be a good one to fill a bit of time while the kids are waiting to eat or watch fireworks.

easy diy patriotic bracelet tutorial for Tweens

lately I've been working on a few 4th of July decor projects, and my girls wanted to make something too. Right now they love bracelets, they usually have 3 or 4 on at a time. I had a stash of patriotic fabric, so we decided to make them a few bracelets they can wear for the 4th of July and all through the summer.
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