The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 218

Fall is here my friends! The leaves are starting to change, apples are ripening on trees, and the evenings are crisp. This week I have spent part of the evenings watching the stars come out and I even had to put on a sweatshirt! I do love fall so much!

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tips to host a party for ladies at Halloween

Thank you for participating in The Ultimate Pinterest Party!

Each week we work to make this party effective for you without being majorly time-consuming for us hosts. Last week, two people emailed me to say the pins that they linked up were half-way down the Pinterest board, and so were hard to find. We would have never known this since for us, they appeared at the top of the board.

Janet from Try It, Like It had a suggestion that we are going to implement. For each party, we will make a new section for that weeks party. We will try to link to the correct section for each week's party, but you can also find the section by going to The Ultimate Pinterest Party board. This week's section will say, "Week 218, The Ultimate Pinterest Party." Above the Pins, you will see the sections. Right now, there are no pins in that section. We will add them to the section board on Saturday morning.  Hopefully, this will help you find the right pins to pin from the current weeks party. Thank you for working with us as try to find the easiest way to do this party. If you have any other tips, please let us know!

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Favorite pins from The Ultimate Pinterest Party, Week 217


DIY, Snacks, Wreath features from home crafts by ali

Here are the MAIN RULES:

  • Rule #1: Link up only 2 PINS (not blog posts. Pins that are duplicates from a previous week will not be repinned.)
  • Rule #2: Do NOT re-pin from the linky below.
  • Rule #3: You must commit to re-pinning from WEEK 218, THE ULTIMATE PINTEREST PARTY on SATURDAY or SUNDAY. (Re-pin from the pins that say "The Ultimate Party, Week 218 pins.")
  • Rule #4: Please only link up your own original pins that contain your images to this party. Do not link up pictures of other bloggers that you may have included in a round-up. Your collage of pictures for a round-up would be fine.
  • Rule #5: Please do not link up sale posts from your blog or sale posts that go to Etsy or Ebay --only pins that go to actual blog posts on your blog. Thank you.

Details to Observe:

  • Before you link up the pin, click on the pin and make sure it takes you to your post, not your home page.
  • Linking up to this party gives the hosts permission to use a picture and a link to your post if they feature your post on their blogs or social media.
  • Creative K Kids is not responsible for stolen images or the mis-use by others who have found your image through

Thanks for making this party such a success!!

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  • We will have all the pins pinned by 8 am Eastern time Saturday morning.
  • Please re-pin sometime on Saturday or Sunday. If you know that you do not have the time to re-pin pins, then DO NOT LINK UP!
  • I can decide to not pin a pin if it goes against my beliefs or against the rules of this party.
  • Please grab the button to help bring awareness to this party. Put on your party page, sidebar, or post!
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I had to edit the linky, so I am trying the picture linky again. For a while, inlinkz was not working well with Pinterest links, but we are going to try picture links again and see how it goes.

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