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When summer break starts kids want to spend their summer doing all the things that they didn't have time for during the school year - swimming, playing with friends, riding bikes, family vacations, and relaxing. Continuing to read during the summer is important for kids though and sometimes you need to find an inventive way to keep reading time on your summer schedule.

free summer reading chart print out at home

Summer reading charts are fun ways to encourage children to read during their break from school. You can think up some things together that your child can work toward earning as a reward for filling out their reading chart.

Having a chart to keep track of reading minutes helps kids have a visual of their accomplishments. It's exciting for them to see the spaces being filled in and thinking of how close they are to receiving their reward.

Reaching chart to keep track of minutes read during summer

I created this simple reading chart that you can print out to use in your own home. Choose a number of minutes that your child agrees to read. When they have read the amount, they can fill in one of the sections of the circle. After they have filled in all the circles in a column, they can redeem for a small reward. After they have filled in their whole reading chart, they can earn a bigger reward.

Reward Ideas

  • an ice cream cone
  • play date at the park
  • visit to the dollar store
  • Slurpee run
  • new coloring book
  • parent and child date
  • trip to the beach/zoo/aquarium/baseball game
  • go and see a movie
  • pick out a new book
  • Lego set/science kit

Here is the printable summer reading chart just for you! When you print your copy, the words "Home Crafts by Ali" won't be through the middle of the chart.
free printable summer reading chart

To download a PDF copy of the chart, you can click on the photo of the chart above or click HERE.

reading chart kids printable

Interested in ideas for encouraging reading in the summer or other summer reading programs you can have your child sign up for? You will love these articles I wrote on my book blog!

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  1. Great idea for getting kids to read more. I was just thinking about how I want to do something like this for my little kiddos to keep them off the TV and iPad. Might use this to encourage reading and outdoor play.


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