Relax with an adult coloring book

It's nice to take a little time for yourself and do something relaxing. Everyone enjoys relaxing in a different way. You need to find something that you enjoy, that is worry free, and that you can do in your available moments.

To relax, I like to be creative. I love working with colored pencils, but unfortunately I am not very talented at drawing. Thankfully over the past few years coloring books for adults have become popular and plentiful. Getting out my colored pencils and choosing which coloring book I want to work with is how I start to relax.

Read below why I love adult coloring books, then visit the giveaway at the end of my post to enter the Ultimate Adult Coloring Book Giveaway. It's a good one!

Coloring books for adults to relax with

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 Looking at the illustrated lines in the books and trying to imagine what I want the picture to look like when it is colored in is fun for me. Choosing the pencils that will create the look I want, then slowly bringing pencil tip to paper and watching as my imagined picture comes to life is relaxing for me. 

Intricate pictures in adult coloring books colored pencils

Maybe it's the calming repetitiveness of moving the pencil back and forth while adding a bit deeper colors to the picture, or maybe it's the satisfaction of filling in those black and white lines just perfectly with my chosen colors.

Time chamber owl coloring book

I remember buying coloring books all the way into my mid-teen years. I would carefully color the pictures and found it so soothing. I guess that's why I enjoy doing it now when I take a few minutes for myself to relax.

Taking the time for yourself is good. It can help you have a clearer mind, reduce your stress levels, and has mental and physical benefits. Don't you feel mentally recharged when you have taken a few minutes for yourself?

Here are a few of my favorite coloring books and tools you could buy.

So do you want a coloring book for yourself? Angie from My So-Called Chaos thought about what kind of fun and creative giveaway she could put together for May, and immediately decided on a HUGE Adult Coloring Book Giveaway. Massive, enough coloring books and supplies you'd be set for a good long time, even if you're coloring daily. Who doesn't want to win that?

Ultimate Adult Coloring Book Giveaway - Big May Giveaway 2016

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  1. I absolutely LOVE coloring but I haven't done it since the adult coloring thing took off. I need to do it again. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to start back up!

  2. I love the adult coloring books! I have a few of them and they are super relaxing. Lately I have been trying my had at crocheting and puzzles to relax. It helps a lot.

  3. I love to scrapbook out on my back porch when the Texas weather allows me too LOL Or go for a drive in my truck with the windows open and the music cranked.

  4. I love dogs, beaches and gardening. I haven't tried any adult coloring books yet but I'd love to. Thanks for having such a generous giveaway!

  5. I love to craft but I also like to sit and watch my NCIS, CSI, Bones, Castle!


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