The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 158

Here we are at another Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend - sleeping in on Saturday, visiting the local farmers market, a neighborhood BBQ, and spending time with my family. What great plans to look forward to! What do you have planned for the weekend?

I don't have any new posts to share with you this week. My husband and oldest were out of town camping and I was busy having fun with my youngest. I've got some good posts planned next week though that I think all of you will really like!!

In the meantime, you can check out the links here at The Ultimate Pinterest Party! If you are a blogger, leave a link to a pin you want to get in front of a new audience. If you aren't a blogger, take a look at the family-friendly pins.

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The Ultimate Pinterest Party - Week 157

Another Friday has come and I'm excited to see what fun pins will be shared at the Ultimate Pinterest Party this week! I love getting new ideas for parties, tasty food to try, and fabulous crafts and decor!

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

  • Cool down with this family friendly Shirley Temple with a Twist drink recipe. It brings back such good memories of special dinners out with my family.
  • Come see some thrift store makeovers at the Inspire My Creativity craft challenge link up. I share the easy tutorial on how I took a plain bucket and made it super cute for my girls to hold their hair and beauty supplies.

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Shirley Temple With a Twist Recipe

This recipe for a Shirley Temple With a Twist is refreshing, sparkly, and will please kids and adults alike. This is a fun drink to make for a festive occasion, or to make an ordinary day a little more special.

Shirley Temple with a twist recipe non-alcoholic kid friendly drink

When I was little and we went to a "fancy" restaurant, well at least to an eight year old it was, I always ordered a Shirley Temple to drink. It was something I always looked forward to - the sweet and fizzy soda with a few maraschino cherries added an extra specialness to an evening out with the family.

Inspire My Creativity - Fabric Decorated Galvanized Bucket

It's so easy to add a little extra color and style to an already cute storage bin or bucket, when you take 15 minutes to do a little decor makeover. I have a simple makeover that will look great in any room!

cute home decor mod podge decoupage fabric

I love shopping at thrift stores and looking for the perfect item that is waiting for a  makeover. Some of my favorite projects (this sign and this Lego Dollhouse Tray for example) have been items I've found at our local thrift store and used a little imagination and a bit of makeover magic to create something that I really love. Join me for a look at this easy makeover to a cute little galvanized bucket I found during one of my recent trips to the thrift store.

The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 156

This past week we had a great family and friend celebration for the 4th of July. It was a fun time, good food, fireworks, and night games. I love summer celebrations with warm evenings, tasty food, and great company.

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

how to make easy patriotic bracelets for kids

These Easy Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Bracelets for Kids are a fun and quick activity that your kids can do with some supervision. These fabric covered bracelets were fun to make with my kids and they are easy to make for any season of the year or holiday. Just let them choose their favorite fabric and you can make a bunch of these.

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Easy Red, White, and Blue Bracelets For Tweens

Your kids can add some red, white, and blue accessories this 4th of July when they make these simple bracelets. With just a few supplies and some adult supervision, your tweens can make these patriotic bracelets in just a few minutes. This easy project can be a good one to fill a bit of time while the kids are waiting to eat or watch fireworks.

easy diy patriotic bracelet tutorial for Tweens

lately I've been working on a few 4th of July decor projects, and my girls wanted to make something too. Right now they love bracelets, they usually have 3 or 4 on at a time. I had a stash of patriotic fabric, so we decided to make them a few bracelets they can wear for the 4th of July and all through the summer.

The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 155

Recently on Home Crafts by Ali

4th of July wreath, rainbow fruit salad, tween paint craft tote bags

  • I made a new Patriotic Wreath and love how it looks above my 4th of July mantle.
  • With all the wonderfully fresh produce in stores and at farmer's markets, I updated my Rainbow Fruit Salad post and every time I look at the photos I want to make another bowl full!
  • Spend some time crafting with your tween when you make Painted Tote Bags.

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Crafting With Tweens - Stencil Painted Tote Bags

Tweens are always in need of a tote bag - a trip to the library, toys to take to their grandparent house, dry clothes for a trip to the pool, or snacks for a days outing. They can easily make their bags super cute by adding a little color to it.

Monogram stenciled tote bag

This is my first post in the series "Crafting With Tweens". There are so many craft/activity ideas for preschool and kindergarten age children, but the older kids, the 8-11 tweens sometimes miss out on crafty projects that they will like. As I do projects with my girls, I will share the easy tutorials on here so my readers can get ideas of craft projects for their older kids.

DIY Patriotic Paper Straw Wreath

Celebrate the summer with a new wreath for your front door! This patriotic red, white, and blue wreath made with paper straws is simple to make and will look great on your door or in your home. You can leave this wreath up all summer long to celebrate the holidays that honor our brave military men and women.

easy wreath tutorial 4th of july red white and blue home decor

* This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading. I received product to create this fun post to share with you. This post also contains affiliate links. *

If you have visited my blog before, you know how much I love to make wreaths for the different seasons and holidays throughout the year. For the past few years I have decorated my door for the summer with my DIY Patriotic Clothespin Wreath, which I love. This year I decided to try out a new wreath and share the simple tutorial with you.

The Ultimate Pinterest Party Week 154

Happy Friday! As we head into the weekend, I'm looking forward to visiting the farmer's market to find the freshest produce for the upcoming week. Depending on what we find, I'll probably be trying out some new grilling recipes. You can see some of my favorite grilling recipes on my Recipes - Grilling Pinterest Board. We are also going to the library to get a new batch of books - my kids are working hard on earning their Summer Reading rewards!

This is my first week co-hosting my favorite link party - The Ultimate Pinterest Party. I've been linking up to the party for 2 years and when Tammy asked for help co-hosting, I knew it was something that I wanted to do. Whether you are a blogger looking to get your pins circulated a bit, or someone looking for a variety of content (recipes, DIY projects, decor, family, pretty much anything!) this is the perfect place to visit!

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I'm so excited to start co-hosting this party! It will be great to get to see the wonderful content shared in the link party and I look forward to pinning the posts to our Party Pinterest Board  as well as sharing on my social media with my followers there. Don't forget to check back next Friday to see if you are featured. Now, on to the party!

Easy IKEA Frame Makeover

It's one of my favorite times of the month....thrift store upcycle challenge time! I love going to thrift stores and looking for pieces with hidden value. Those pieces that will be just right after a little makeover magic.

easy decor picture frame makeover

Lately when I've visited my local thrift store, I have found items that were perfect contenders for this monthly upcycle challenge. The hard part has been narrowing down which one to work on first! After last months Lego Doll House Tray, I didn't think that I would be able to make something I liked quite as much. Then I found the picture frame that was just begging for a little attention.

This easy makeover gives a fresh look and with the perfect quote, it makes a lovely little decor piece in my oldest daughters room. You can easily update a picture frame in the same way! Follow my simple steps for a cute updated decor piece.

20 Fun Mod Podge Tutorials

If you love doing crafts or DIY projects, I'm sure you are familiar with the wonderfulness of Mod Podge. With their many formulas available, you can use Mod Podge for so many fun projects - photo transfers, decoupage decorative paper or fabric, seal your outdoor painted crafts, make jewelry, create home decor pieces, and so much more. I'm sharing some ideas today to inspire you for your next project!

20 Fun Tutorials Using Mod Podge to make Crafts and Home Decor pieces

Today happens to be National Mod Podge Day. I love that there is a whole day dedicated to one of my favorite crafting supplies. It was fun for me to find these tutorials to share with you. I hope you find a fun one to work on for yourself!

Photography Tips for Beginners

I have always enjoyed photography - capturing a moment with the lens so you can remember it. One of my favorite after school groups in middle school was a photography club. We loaded the film in our cameras (yes, I'm dating myself with that comment), we ventured out to take photos, then we went back to the school to the darkroom and developed our photos.

Two years ago when I started blogging, I bought my DSLR camera and decided to really focus on photography - both on my blog and in my daily life. I have learned so much over the past two years and I thought I would share tips that will help those of you that are beginning photographers.

Top Tips for Beginning Photographers to learn to capture the image they desire

When you begin your creative journey with photography, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down what to work on first. The tips I'm sharing today will give you a great start towards being able to confidently take better photos.


Thrift Store Makeover - Lego Doll House Tray

It's the time of the month where I'm ready to share another thrift store makeover project. Going to the thrift store is a fun adventure, you find something new and exciting each time you visit. You have to look beyond what is there in front of you and use your imagination to plan what you can transform it into.

Easy tutorial to makeover a wood tray for Lego Play

I love visiting the wood section of the local Deseret Industries thrift store to see what pieces they have that I can make some changes to, to make it fit in our home. Sometimes I find a sign that needs a new coat of paint, a craft birdhouse that could use some brightening, or a wood block that I can make into a holiday piece.

Today is an oh-so-simple and quick makeover of a wood piece that I see at the thrift store all the time. With just a few supplies I was able to make a tray my kids can use as a doll house for their Lego mini-figures. You can follow my easy instructions to make one of your own!

Simple Spring DIY Decor For Your Home

Spring has arrived! Recent rains have brought beautiful flower blossoms in inspiring colors. Bring some of those lovely colors into your home with these simple diy decor projects for spring. They will brighten your home on the inside and outside.
Spring decorating project ideas
I love finding easy to make project to share with you and today I have quite a few wonderful ones to share with you from some of my favorite crafty bloggers. I have ideas for mantle decor, beautiful wreaths, indoor diy decorations, and projects to decorate outside your home.

Simple Thrift Store Canvas Makeover

I don't know about you, but I love visiting thrift stores to see what treasures I can find. Often what you find doesn't look like treasure, but with a little makeover magic you can have a decor piece that will be beautiful in your home.

use scrapbook paper and your Cricut Machine to makeover a canvas from a thrift store

Today I'm going to share how I took a not-too-pretty thrift store canvas and gave it a simple makeover with just a few crafting supplies. It became something that we love to have in our home. The best part is you can do this project too and it's an easy craft too!

Quick and Easy Handmade Card

When you want to brighten the day of a friend, what better way than to send them a cute little handmade card? Cards don't have to be elaborate and take you a long time to make. You can make an easy and cute card quickly and have a few on hand to send in the mail.

Quickly make a handmade card that will bring a smile to a friends face

I don't know about you, but I love seeing an envelope from a friend or family member in my mailbox. It's nice to get a card with a little note from them letting me know that they are thinking of me.

I love to be the one who sends a card also. Thinking of when my far away family will get a little surprise in their mailbox or a friend that is having a rough day will smile when opening the envelope and seeing the bright colors of the card I sent makes me smile as well.

Homemade Stewed Tomatoes

Homemade stewed tomatoes add amazing flavor to the recipes you use them in, and the tomatoes are simple to make. After trying this recipe, you will want to grow your own tomatoes so you can make these often.

delightfully delicious homemade stewed tomato recipe

Using fresh and colorful ingredients, these delightful stewed tomatoes will be plentiful and useful to you. We use these tomatoes in so many recipes to add a wonderful flavor. I used them in my Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup, when I make Spanish Rice, as a delicious addition to spaghetti sauce, for a base of salsa, and sometimes as a little snack on their own. There are plenty of recipes that these tomatoes will make even more tasty.

Weekend Getaway in Logan Utah

Are you planning an upcoming weekend getaway? If you haven't yet picked your destination, you should consider northern Utah's small city of Logan. Tucked into the mountain you will have beautiful scenery on your getaway and plenty to do.

Enjoy a weekend getaway in northern Utah small city of Logan Utah

Logan is a fun city to visit. You have the best of both worlds - the feel of a small town, as well as easy access to big name shopping and dining establishments. Nature lovers have plenty to keep them occupied at all the beautiful parks and surrounding areas. Or you can enjoy time together by taking a stroll in the old downtown area, browsing the shops and eating at one of the restaurants.

Sewing for Beginners - Camera Strap Cover

As a beginner at sewing, you may think that the projects you could make are not too cute. In fact there are quite a few very cute and stylish projects that you can complete with not much experience sewing. Learn to make a camera strap cover that is a bright addition and looks nice, but will also be soft and comfortable when you have your camera around your neck.

Sewing for beginners - camera strap cover tutorial

Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to make your own comfortable and stylish slip cover for your camera strap. I have confidence you will be able to make this as a beginner sewing project. You will only have to sew four straight lines and I think by the end of the project you will have the experience to make a few extras for yourself or friends quite quickly.

Utah Travel Series - Weekend Getaway Destinations

When thinking about traveling in Utah, there are so many different destinations to choose from. Maybe you want to do a little shopping in Salt Lake or Park City, ski at the resorts, escape the winter cold by going to St George, visit the small old downtown area of towns pretty much all across the state, or enjoy the natural wonders of the state and National Parks.

Utah really does have a lot to offer. When you are planning a weekend getaway, the hard part is narrowing down your ideal travel destination, where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.

Follow this Utah Travel Series for help deciding which Weekend Getaway Destination is right for you

Look at a Cookbook - The New Irish Table: Recipes From Ireland's Top Chefs

When planning your meal of Irish foods, sometimes it is hard to think past corned beef or shepherd's pie. Join me for a look at this newly published cookbook that focus on fresh and flavorful new Irish recipes. Next time you sit down with friends and family, put together a meal that will nourish your soul as well as your body.

New Irish Recipes Cookbook fresh ingredient cooking


Mini Heart Garland Valentine Card

Are you looking for a super cute and easy Valentine card to make? You've come to the right place! This card is simple to make and only takes a few minutes. The mini hearts are so cute as a garland and will be sure to bring a smile to your Valentine's face when they open their card.

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I love to make cards and Valentine's Day being just around the corner is a perfect reason to make a new one! This mini heart garland card looks so cute and there are only a few supplies needed to make it yourself.

Artsy & Creative New Books

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Welcome to my guide for newly release creative books. These are some of my favorite artsy books that have come out the past two weeks. I thought that you would enjoy a look at some new and inspiring books to help you on your path to creativity.

Favorite newly published creative books cooking quilting knitting

I enjoy being creative; whether it's in my crafting room, in the kitchen, puttering in my garden (or planning for spring days when I can plant one), relaxing and destressing while coloring, or behind my camera. I love to try new things, but sometimes I need a little help understanding how to do things. I search out books to help me understand different techniques I'm not familiar with.

I hope that you find a book or two here that will enrich your life, inspire you to try something new, or help you plan for future projects.

Scrapbook Paper Valentine Wreath

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Decorate your front door for Valentine's Day with this wreath made from scrapbook paper. With just a few items and half an hour or less, you can make this sweet wreath for your door!

scrapbook paper valentine wreath tutorial

Does your door look bare since you took down your Christmas wreath? Make this cute Valentine wreath to lovingly welcome guests to your home. This wreath is perfect for your door while you wait for warm spring weather.

Easy Mini Cinnamon Rolls

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The smell of cinnamon fills the house when you make this easy mini cinnamon roll recipe. The warmth of the spice and the sweetness of the sugar will bring to mind comforting times and when you serve these cinnamon rolls, you will be making delightful new memories. From start to finish, you will be able to sit down with your bite size treats in less than half an hour.

easy mini cinnamon roll recipe

In my home, I love fast and easy recipes. Mornings and after school are always so rushed, so having a simple recipe that I can turn to is a must. These cinnamon rolls are a hit for breakfast with some fruit salad and yogurt, or as an after school treat. Serve them and watch them disappear from the plate!


Creative Books Published This Week

Each week there are a plethora of books published. When you go to the bookstore, most don't carry a large selection of books for creatives. When you look online you get too many results. That's what I'm here for. I will create a round up of creative books that are published that week. You can see the newest books on quilting , cooking, crochet, coloring, gardening, and more.

Newly published books to help you be creative

When I have free time and I'm not crafting, you can most likely find me with a book in my hand. Early last year I started a book blog, Ali's Book Nook, where I share reviews and weekly new book lists for all ages - both fiction and nonfiction. The past few weeks I found more creative books for my nonfiction book section than I had room to include. I decided that I would share those here so the people that come to visit for home decor projects, sewing tutorials, and delicious recipes will have a list of new books that fit perfectly with their interests.


Crafty and Creative Project Goals 2017

At the beginning of a new year, it's a time to start fresh and plan goals for the year. When I sat down to think about this new year full of possibilities, my thoughts turned to which creative projects I want to work on.

Simple craft projects planned in 2017 to make and share

To me crafting is a way to relax, enjoy time creating a piece that I have envisioned, make something beautiful for my home or as a gift for others. We all need a hobby or something we are passionate about, and for me that is crafting.

I love to look at crafting items and imagine how I would use them to create a new piece of decor, imagine how pretty papers can turn into a card to brighten someone's day, look at nature in this wonderful world and capture the beauty with my camera to share with others.
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