Sewing Books You Will Love

Sewing is a relaxing and creative hobby. You start with beautiful, colorful, and soft fabrics and end up with a finished piece that can bring so much happiness to whomever receives it.

Whether you are a beginner at sewing or have experience, it's always exciting to find inspiration for a new project to sew. I am sharing sewing books you will love that have all kinds of projects, tips, and advice for your next sewing project.
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Sewing books will give you detailed instructions with clear photos to help you plan out your next project to work on. On this list, I have books for beginners at sewing, projects to make with small amounts of fabric, decor pieces, multiple types of projects, quilting, and even books that will teach children to sew. There is a little bit of everything so you will be sure to find the sewing book that is just right for you!

Sewing Books You Will Love

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Beginner Sewing Projects

If you are just learning to sew, these books have fun, easy, and really cute projects that aren't intimidating for a beginner.

Simple Sewing - Katie Lewis

See Kate Sew - Kate Blocher

Sewing, Crafty, and Decor Project Books

These books have all sorts of projects - easy to sew pillows, bags, gifts, toys, clothes, table runners, and accessories.

One Yard Wonders - Patricia Hoskins & Rebecca Yaker

Kids Sewing Books

If your children want to start begin sewing, or expand their skills, there are a couple books filled with fun and easy projects.

My First Sewing Book - Cico Books 

Sewing School - Andria Lisle

Quilting Books

There are so many different kinds of quilts that you can sew. These books have ideas for tiny quilts, kids quilts, and lovely quilts for your home.

Quilt Petite - Sedef Imer

I hope that you enjoyed this list of sewing books that can inspire you for your next project. What type of sewing books are you wanting to add to your library?

list of sewing books you will love - quilting, scrap sewing, decor, clothes, accessories

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