Book Review ~ Ultimate Slime by Alyssa Jagan

Have your kids discovered the joy of making slime? Part science experiment and part toy with hours of enjoyment. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a new book filled with more than 100 tutorials of slime made without Borax so children can safely make them at home any time they want.

book review ultimate slime by alyssa jagan book cover and blue slime

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For the past few months, my youngest daughter and I have been watching slime making videos and trying to decide which one we would make first. One day I received an offer of a copy of Ultimate Slime by Alyssa Jagan. I thought it would be the perfect surprise for my daughter and she could have lots of fun creating!

Book Review ~ Ultimate Slime by Alyssa Jagan

In Ultimate Slime, Alyssa Jagan starts by writing two basic slime tutorials that you can use as a base to your slime creating. She shares additional tutorials with mix ins, extra ingredients to change the texture of the slime, and even a recipe for edible slime.

The book was entertaining to look at and my daughter has spent hours poring over the colorful pages and reading the instructions for each of the different slime types. The instructions for making the different slime recipes are quite easy to follow and understand.

page from ultimate slime by alyssa jagan with instructions on how to make sugar slime in your home

With this book, a colorful world of slime making is at your fingertips. Starting with a chapter in Slime Basics, you will begin your creative journey with basic tutorials, safety tips, and tricks to make your slime creating more successful. Following sections include tutorials from beginner to advanced that will have many color options and textures.

Throughout the book, you will find bits of information and there is even a troubleshooting section to help you if your slime is too sticky or too firm. Each tutorial in the book has the regular "recipe" for that type of slime, then a list of variations are included so you can make just a few changes and have a whole new kind of slime.

With 100 variations of slime to choose from, look forward to hours of fun! Ultimate Slime is such a great place to start to learn about making slime, ways to "fix" your slime if there is a problem, and easy to follow tutorials that are perfect for kids so they can make slime with just a bit of adult supervision.

Basic Clear Glue Slime

My daughter decided to start out by trying to make the basic slime. We figured to start out by getting the basic understanding of slime making, then she could try more advanced tutorials. 

ingredients used to make basic clear glue slime

We shopped for the supplies and she excitedly got out the book so she could make sure she knew just what to do. With the basic slime recipes, it tells you the different activators that could be used and what amounts. Remember for safety to never mix different activators in one batch of slime. 

making clear glue slime tutorial Ultimate Slime book

clear glue blue slime tutorial ultimate slime by alyssa jagan

She had a wonderful time mixing the ingredients together to make her blue slime. She enjoyed the process of measuring and stirring.

blue gooey slime

The best part was when the activator started to work and the slime went from mostly liquid to a gloopy mixture. She thought it was so interesting and loved seeing how adding just a bit more of the activator (baking soda and contact solution) changed the consistency.

make slime at home no borax tutorials

Now she has a soft slime to play with that has been fun to use with the added benefit of grossing out her sister. As soon as she walked into the house after school today, she opened the slime container and started to play.

I hope you found this review of Ultimate Slime informative and you have a better idea if the book would be a good fit for your home. If you have children that are interested in making slime, I really think that they would love this book!

Ultimate Slime by Alyssa Jagan book review learn to make your own slime

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