Crafty and Creative Project Goals 2017

At the beginning of a new year, it's a time to start fresh and plan goals for the year. When I sat down to think about this new year full of possibilities, my thoughts turned to which creative projects I want to work on.

Simple craft projects planned in 2017 to make and share

To me crafting is a way to relax, enjoy time creating a piece that I have envisioned, make something beautiful for my home or as a gift for others. We all need a hobby or something we are passionate about, and for me that is crafting.

I love to look at crafting items and imagine how I would use them to create a new piece of decor, imagine how pretty papers can turn into a card to brighten someone's day, look at nature in this wonderful world and capture the beauty with my camera to share with others.

With all of these thoughts, I wrote a list of some crafty and creative project goals for the year. You can read my ideas and use them for a starting point to plan, imagine, and dream of your own projects. As I finish projects throughout the year, I will share them here on my blog so you can see them and recreate them for your own home.

Crafty and Creative Project Goals 2017

Sewing Project Goals

Easy sewing tutorial planned 2017 like pillowcase

I love sewing, and have the fabric stash to prove it, but sometimes sewing takes a back burner for me. It is more work and takes more time than painting or paper crafting, but I love the finished projects. Our homemade pillowcases are used all the time at my house, my girls sleep with their sock monkeys every night, and my mixing bowl cover has been a wonderful time saver!

  • Lap Quilt
  • Pincushion
  • Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Pajama Pants
  • Placemats
  • more Sock Animals

Decor Project Goals

Home decor projects to create in 2017 seasonal and holiday wreaths

Over the last year or so I have really enjoyed making decor pieces for our home, both indoor and outdoor. My patriotic wreath is still a favorite and stays on our door all summer long, it's always fun to put out my DIY holiday decor, and making new pieces from thifted items always brings a smile to my face.

  • United States Map piece
  • Wreaths for all seasons
  • Garlands for the mantle
  • Upcycled Projects

Paper Crafting Goals

Paper Crafting Goals for 2017 Fun projects decorated notebooks

I have so much scrapbook paper and don't use it often enough. There are some really cute papers in my storage bins I want to use this year. I love having a stock of cute notebooks to use for my many lists or gifts and you can never have too many darling photo frames.

  • Summer Highlights scrapbook
  • Handmade Cards
  • Learn to Paper Quill 
  • Holiday Gift Tags

Photography Goals

Photography Goals classes and travel to national parks

Landscape and nature photography has become a passion of mine. I've always loved mountains and sunsets, but lately I have been able to see beauty in all the world around me. Visiting different National Parks has been so wonderful, seeing the colorful blooms at a flower festival, and finding beauty when we visited Los Angeles

  • Photography Course
  • Travel more for photo opportunities
  • Photography Monthly Challenge
  • Calendar with My Photos

Cooking Goals

Cooking Goals for 2017 Oven Roasted Ranch Potatoes

My family has some favorite meals we have often, but we also like to try out new recipes every once in a while. Joining a recipe challenge group has helped me branch out a bit. My family still requests Oven Roasted Ranch Potatoes monthly, our favorite guacamole shows up quite often, sometimes my kids like a quick treat and they make mini dessert kabobs.

  • Take a Cooking Class
  • Make two new meal per month
  • Weekly Meal Plans

I am excited to start working on my crafty projects this year and share my creative journey with you. What are your goals for this year? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

Creative Projects to make in 2017 and share in sewing home decor paper crafts photography and cooking


  1. These are great goals Ali. I would love to do something like this but with 2 knee surgeries needed this year, I really can't plan anything.

    1. Thanks for visiting Janet. Creative goals are nice to have, but you need to take care of yourself this year. Hope your recovery goes quickly.


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