Things To Buy Before Your Disney Trip

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World in the near future? If so, there are some must-have items to buy before you head to the Happiest Place on Earth.

items to buy before your disney trip

Buying items at Disney parks can get expensive pretty quickly. While there are some experiences not to miss at Disney (Dole Whip anyone?), you can cut down on costs by doing some shopping before you head to the park. I'm sharing a list of items you can purchase before your trip to Disneyland or Disney World.

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Things To Buy Before Your Disney Trip

When you go to Disney parks, costs can add up pretty quickly - hotel, tickets (save by purchasing through Get Away Today), food, mouse ears, stuffed animals, cute clothes, toys, figurines....the list can go on.

Don't stress about the expenses though! I've got some ways you can still have all the fun extra things, but won't break the bank. Let's get to the list!

disney star wars t-shirts clothes


Buy a few character shirts before your trip to wear at the park each day. Classic Disney characters, Princesses, Star Wars, and Marvel superheroes shirts are fun to wear around the park. You can find them at the Disney Store, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and even have some personalized on Etsy.

Water Bottles

Get a few water bottles that you can refill during the day. There are specific spots throughout the park that have refill stations so you can stay hydrated during the day. You can also ask for a free large ice water at any restaurant. Buy a few flavored powder mix ins and add those to your water for a bit of flavor.

Disney toys stuffed animals and other souvenirs


Souvenirs are always fun to have, but buying them in the park gets expensive fast. You can shop for Disney theme souvenirs before you leave for your trip though! Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree have sections with Disney items and toys. Or you can shop online for some cute items that your family would love to have as a keepsake.


When you are in a long line at Disney (Peter Pan for example), it's good to have something to keep the kids busy while you wait for the ride. Kids can add Disney stickers of their favorite characters to a notebook, then use crayons or pencils to draw a scene. That will make the long wait go by quicker!

lanyard necklace to hold disney and fast pass tickets


Get a cute lanyard (lots of choices here on Oriental Trading) so you can have easy access to your Disney Park tickets and Fast Pass tickets. You can also display your Disney pin collection on the lanyard for ease of trading at the park.

Rain Ponchos

You don't want your day at the park to be ruined by soggy clothes. These ponchos are very useful for both the water rides and unexpected wet weather.

glow sticks for nights at disney park

Glow Sticks

Planning on being in the park after it gets dark? An assortment of glow sticks makes it fun for kids and if you all have the same color, it's easy to keep track of each other while walking around in the dark. Pick up a pack at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or online at Oriental Trading.

Hand Sanitizer

You will be touching all sorts of things that thousands of other people have touched. Having hand sanitizer or wet wipes is a must for having clean hands before eating.


When spending a fun day at the park, you will get hungry. There are plenty of spots to stop and eat a meal or snack, but the prices add up quite quickly. To stave off a hangry meltdown, buy some snacks to take into the park with you. We brought in granola bars, snack packs of crackers, beef jerky, cheese sticks (you can bring in a small insulated bag), fruit snacks, and some M&M's.

Hope this list helps you in preparing for your upcoming Disney trip! What items are you glad you bought before entering The Happiest Place on Earth?

Save money on Disney Trip by buying items before you go to disney parks


  1. Such a helpful post! I love the idea of the glow sticks. I would have never thought of that! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the nice comment!


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