Shirley Temple With a Twist Recipe

This recipe for a Shirley Temple With a Twist is refreshing, sparkly, and will please kids and adults alike. This is a fun drink to make for a festive occasion, or to make an ordinary day a little more special.

Shirley Temple with a twist recipe non-alcoholic kid friendly drink

When I was little and we went to a "fancy" restaurant, well at least to an eight year old it was, I always ordered a Shirley Temple to drink. It was something I always looked forward to - the sweet and fizzy soda with a few maraschino cherries added an extra specialness to an evening out with the family.
When I made this drink, my kids were so excited to be the taste-testers while I worked on getting the balance of flavors just right. I hope you enjoy this mocktail recipe as much as our family does!

It's time again for me to join with other talented bloggers in our Ultimate Recipe Challenge. Every two months we are given an ingredient or type of recipe to create and we all add a link to a grouping of recipes. This month our challenge ingredient was....beverages. There are quite a few interesting recipes that you can find at the bottom of this post.

Shirley Temple With a Twist Recipe

This drink is refreshing on a summer evening, wonderful for baby showers, tasty on a night of celebration, and a nice treat for every day. We take the classic Shirley Temple drink and add a little extra twist of flavor with lime.

Ingredients Needed to Make Shirley Temple with a Twist

classic fizzy shirley temple drink with added lime flavor
With just a few ingredients you will have a flavorful, fizzy, delightful drink that the whole family can enjoy.

12 oz Ginger Ale
2-3 teaspoons Grenadine Syrup
Maraschino Cherries
Lime, cut into wedges


1. Fill your glass with as much ice as you like.
2. Add the Grenadine Syrup to the glass. I think the flavor naturally distributes better this way.
3. If your lime is small, cut into eights  and squeeze the juice of one or two wedges into the glass. If you have a large lime, use a smaller amount.
4. Pour the ginger ale into the glass.
5. Stir gently, then add a few maraschino cherries to the glass.

recipe shirley temple drink with lime and maraschino cherries

There you have it! A nice refreshing drink anyone will enjoy. Serve this at your next BBQ, family get together, or weekend dinner. It's sure to please!

refreshing and delicious fizzy mocktail with cherry and lime

I hope you enjoy this drink recipe! If you are interested in other non-alcoholic drinks, don't forget to visit the recipes that my blogging friends share below.

easy drink recipe for all ages kid friendly adult approved


  1. My grandkids have outgrown the Shirley Temple at a restaurant stage, but I fondly remember how grown up they acted when ordering this sparkly drink

    1. I was the same way - thinking I was so grown up at 9. =)


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