Homemade Stewed Tomatoes

Homemade stewed tomatoes add amazing flavor to the recipes you use them in, and the tomatoes are simple to make. After trying this recipe, you will want to grow your own tomatoes so you can make these often.

delightfully delicious homemade stewed tomato recipe

Using fresh and colorful ingredients, these delightful stewed tomatoes will be plentiful and useful to you. We use these tomatoes in so many recipes to add a wonderful flavor. I used them in my Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup, when I make Spanish Rice, as a delicious addition to spaghetti sauce, for a base of salsa, and sometimes as a little snack on their own. There are plenty of recipes that these tomatoes will make even more tasty.

Ultimate Recipe Challenge for Bloggers - Tomatoes
It's time again for me to join with other talented bloggers in our Ultimate Recipe Challenge. Every two months we are given an ingredient or type of recipe to create and we all add a link to a grouping of recipes. This month our challenge ingredient was....tomatoes. There are quite a few interesting recipes that you can find at the bottom of this post.

It was difficult deciding which tomato recipe I would share this time for our challenge. I have a few that I've been wanting to make lately, but these homemade stewed tomatoes won out. I love how I can make a big batch, freeze what I don't use in a few days, and have tomatoes ready to add to many different recipes whenever I need them.

Last summer I grew tomatoes in my garden and when it came time to harvest them, I wasn't sure what I should make. I searched online for recipes that I could use in multiple ways. I came across this stewed tomato recipe and decided to try it. It was very good, but I wanted to add additional ingredients to boost the flavor a bit. I played around with the amounts of my ingredients and settled on this absolutely delicious recipe that I am sharing today.

Easy to Make Homemade Stewed Tomatoes

 Easy to make homemade stewed tomatoes

My favorite tomatoes to use for this recipe are campari tomatoes. They are a bit smaller, but I love their taste. During the summer, I use the tomatoes that I've grown in my garden - Roma and Early Girl or heirloom. When I buy at the store - Campari, and vine tomatoes are what I go for. This recipe was made with Campari (bought at Costco) and bunches of vine tomatoes.

Ingredients Needed To Make Stewed Tomatoes

Make Your Own Stewed Tomatoes using fresh colorful ingredients

Look at these fresh ingredients! The more color the better, right? Those tomatoes were perfectly ripe and I admit to eating a few as a snack before making the stewed tomatoes.

5 lbs tomatoes
1/2 large onion (sweet ones are the best, or yellow)
1 bell pepper - green, orange, or yellow to add color to the recipe
2-3 celery stalks
1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes
3 t salt
2 1/2 t sugar


1. Chop the onions, pepper, and celery into bite size pieces.
Stewed Tomato Recipe use onions celery and bell peppers

2. Remove stem from tomatoes, immerse in boiling water for 45 seconds, place in ice water, then peel.
3. Cut tomatoes in half.
make stewed tomatoes using colorful vegetables

4. Place all your ingredients in a large saucepan and cook over med-low heat for 45 minutes. The flavors will be perfectly combined and your celery and onions will be soft.

colorful and fresh ingredients make a tasty stewed tomato recipe

That's it! You will have tomatoes ready to eat, add them to a recipe, can them, or put them in a quart freezer bag for future use. These are fabulous as a salsa base, just add a few spicy peppers and get some chips!

delicious stewed tomatoes ready to add to soups, sauces, salsa

This is a batch I made with tomatoes from my garden last fall. Notice the deep, rich color of the tomatoes. This was a flavorful addition to my Stuffed Pepper Soup, which I'm thinking of making again now that I'm looking at the photo.

delicious homemade stewed tomatoes packed with flavor

I hope you like the flavor of these homemade stewed tomatoes. I have a feeling that you may not bother with the canned ones again after trying these. Want more recipes that use tomatoes? Visit the 25+ recipes made by other bloggers below!

colorful ingredients combine to make and easy stewed tomato recipe


  1. Ali, your stewed tomatoes look amazing!
    Growing up my mother used to can stewed tomatoes and I loved it when we had a small bowl of them with our meal. You're right, store bought are nothing like the "real" deal. Thanks for sharing. And for the nudge to plan to make some at tomato harvest.

    1. Glad you liked my tomatoes! I hope you have a plentiful harvest and are able to make some of these tasty tomatoes. I don't think you will be disappointed.

  2. This salsa base would taste great with some Domino's. I will definitely save this recipe!

  3. I love this challenge. I am with you if they are not from the garden these are the ones I go for. I can't wait for fresh tomatoes. The things you can do with them are endless for me.

    1. I'm excited for fresh tomatoes too. I spent an hour this weekend researching the types that grow best here.

  4. I am not a cooking person, but this recipe looks so great. I would like to try it someday! :)

  5. And very few ingredients - I love that! :)

    1. I love that too Andrea! And the fact that you just put everything in a pot for about an hour. Very simple.

  6. I absolutely love everything that's with tomatoes and peppers and have red color. This looks delicious! I'm going to bookmark this page and I will try this recipe today! Thank you for sharing :)

  7. what a fun challenge...my brother and his family love stewed tomatoes, can't wait to share the recipe with them. thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you found the recipe and are sharing it Jessica! Hope your brother likes it!

  8. I am shutting down my computer to make this right now! Thanks for the great recipe

  9. Mmmm, what a great recipe! I have to try it out.

  10. What a great idea and excellent way to use your garden's harvest! I'll have to buy mine :) Love Campari tomatoes, too!

    1. I think the flavor of the Campari ones are the best. Thankfully I can pick them up at Costco when I don't grow my own.

  11. I've always got canned tomatoes in my pantry but I LOVE the idea of making a big batch of homemade stewed tomatoes. What a wonderful way to use up what you've got in your garden.

    1. I keep a few cans in my pantry too, just in case I need them. =) It is a nice way to use a plentiful harvest of tomatoes.


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