Easy Red, White, and Blue Bracelets For Tweens

Your kids can add some red, white, and blue accessories this 4th of July when they make these simple bracelets. With just a few supplies and some adult supervision, your tweens can make these patriotic bracelets in just a few minutes. This easy project can be a good one to fill a bit of time while the kids are waiting to eat or watch fireworks.

easy diy patriotic bracelet tutorial for Tweens

lately I've been working on a few 4th of July decor projects, and my girls wanted to make something too. Right now they love bracelets, they usually have 3 or 4 on at a time. I had a stash of patriotic fabric, so we decided to make them a few bracelets they can wear for the 4th of July and all through the summer.

Every month, a small group of my blogging friends get together for a challenge. This month the topic was red white or blue to celebrate July 4th, so I decided to join with them and create this easy project. Make sure to check the end of this post for links to the other great patriotic projects.

Easy Red, White, and Blue Bracelets For Tweens

My kids like to work on crafting projects with me. Most of the time they are able to work on them by themselves, but every once in a while they need a little help. These bracelets would be great for any age child to wear. I would say that creating this project is better suited for older children since one of the crafting tools that is used is a hot glue gun.

Supplies Needed to Make Patriotic Bracelets

supplies for kids patriotic craft bracelet using fabric
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Shower Curtain Rings
Patriotic Pattern Fabric
Multi Purpose Scissors - These will need to be very strong and sharp scissors
Craft Sticks - optional (you can use them to push the fabric onto the hot glue and not burn fingers)

Simple Tutorial To Make Fabric Covered Bracelets With Kids

1. Adults will need to use the multi-purpose scissors to cut the plastic peg off of the curtain rings.
frayed strips of fabric to wrap bracelet
2. Trim one end of fabric (the long way), about 3/4 or 1 inch wide. Starting at the trimmed spot, rip the fabric, so it makes a frayed strip. Most fabric is 42" wide and you will only need your strip to be 18-20" long, so for each frayed strip you will be able to make two bracelets.

easy step by step tutorial for kids to make 4th of July fabric wrapped bracelet
3. Using the hot glue gun, place one little dot of glue on the inside of the curtain ring. I had them start on the side that you didn't trim the plastic peg from. Cover the glue with one short end of your fabric piece, making the edge of the fabric piece be pretty much even with the edge of the ring.

fun holiday craft project for kids

4. Add a dot of glue to the outside of the curtain ring. Wrap the fabric to cover the dot of glue.

wrap fabric bracelet for tween

5. Wrap the fabric around the curtain ring. Each time you wrap, the new section of fabric will barely overlap the previous piece of fabric. If you overlap too much, there won't be enough fabric to cover the ring and it will be very thick.

NOTE: At this point, you can continue to wrap all the way to the end. To keep the fabric from sliding around on the plastic ring, you can put a dot of hot glue on the inside of the bracelet every few times you wrap the fabric around. That is just optional though. Do whatever works best for you!

Fourth of July Patriotic bracelet glued fabric

6. When you reach the end of the plastic ring, you will put a dot of hot glue on the edge of the inside of the bracelet. Wrap the fabric over the dot to secure it. Add another drop of glue to the same place and cover the end of the ring where you removed the plastic peg. Trim any excess fabric if needed.

4th Fourth of July kids craft project diy bracelet

That's it! These bracelets are so easy for kids to make, and they are a quick project to work on too. In about 5 minutes the kids will be ready to wear their bracelet, or even make a few more.

quick and easy kids tween craft project patriotic bracelet

You can have your kids make these on the 4th to keep them occupied, as a fun everyday project, or even for a group. We made these a second time with the girls tween group at our church and all the girls loved them and wanted to make a few more.

crafting with tweens easy diy red white and blue project fabric wrapped bracelet
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Creatively Craft Bloggers have created some red, white, and blue projects to share today. Click on the links below the photo to visit their blog posts. 
Creative Craft Bloggers Group July Craft challenge red white blue projects


  1. Shower curtain rings! - what a fantabulous idea!

    1. I was so glad they worked! It's a fun and inexpensive activity to do with kids.

  2. I think these are fabulous. It's a great craft for teens, but also for any age group. I'm thinking scouts or VBS programs. My fans donate items to charity and I think they would love getting their groups to make these. I'm definitely sharing this idea with them!


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