Creative Books Published This Week

Each week there are a plethora of books published. When you go to the bookstore, most don't carry a large selection of books for creatives. When you look online you get too many results. That's what I'm here for. I will create a round up of creative books that are published that week. You can see the newest books on quilting , cooking, crochet, coloring, gardening, and more.

Newly published books to help you be creative

When I have free time and I'm not crafting, you can most likely find me with a book in my hand. Early last year I started a book blog, Ali's Book Nook, where I share reviews and weekly new book lists for all ages - both fiction and nonfiction. The past few weeks I found more creative books for my nonfiction book section than I had room to include. I decided that I would share those here so the people that come to visit for home decor projects, sewing tutorials, and delicious recipes will have a list of new books that fit perfectly with their interests.

Creative Books Published This Week

To learn more about each book or buy a copy for yourself, you can click on the title of the books. That is an affiliate link that will take you to Amazon.

When looking through the books, I think I'm most interested in checking out Oprah's new cookbook. Recently I was advised to change my diet and I've had a hard time finding healthy recipes that taste good.

It would be fun to take a look at the quilting ideas in Just Charm Quilts. I've seen some super cute charm packs at a local quilting store that would be perfect for these projects.

Lettering & Coloring

 Inspirational coloring book and beautiful brush lettering workbook new this week

Brush Pen Lettering - Sharisse DeLeon
A step-by-step workbook for learning decorative lettering scripts and styles. The photos and clear instructions make this an easy to follow guide for experienced or beginners in lettering.

Healing Words Adult Coloring Book and Prayer Journal - Passio
Relax, release stress, and be uplifted at the same time. Color your way through these detailed designs and Bible quotations and then use the provided space for journaling.


Newly published outdoor creative books fairy and vegetable gardens

Fairy Houses: How to Create Whimsical Homes For Fairy Folk - Sally J Smith
Follow step-by-step instructions to make magical homes for fairies using natural materials. Make these delightful houses and have natural art pieces that inspire dreaming and imagination.

Build a Better Vegetable Garden - Joyce and Ben Russell
30 DIY projects to improve your harvest. These projects not only add decorative detail to the garden, they extend the growing season, protect plants from bugs, and improve the amount of produce.

Quilting & Sewing

New quilt and sewing books published this week

Just Charm Quilts - Annie's Quilting
11 beautiful quilting projects dedicated to using 5-inch squares of fabric. Quilts, hot pads, mug rugs and more!

Simple, Fun, and Quickly Done - Terry Atkinson
These 18 easy to sew projects will help improve your sewing skills at the same time as you making cute bags, pillows, and more. You will enjoy these make-in-a-weekend stitching projects!

The Big Book of Table Toppers - Karen M Burns
Stitch you way through these 56 decorative table toppers. These seasonal and holiday themed projects are sectioned into two categories - long traditional runners or diversely shaped table toppers.

The Quilting Manual: Techniques, Troubleshooting and More
16 experts share tips, techniques, and design ideas. A variety of 100+ machine and hand-stitching motifs.


Cookbooks that will help you be creative in the kitchen cookies and Oprah's newest book

Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals & a Better Life - Oprah Winfrey
Delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare recipes that Oprah likes to share with family and friends. After struggling for many years with weight issues, these recipes have allowed an enjoyable and healthy experience with food for Oprah.

The Cookie Jar - Lisa Clark
These 100 recipes are specifically made for the home baker with easy to follow instructions and everyday ingredients. The Cookie Jar will take you back to when baking was therapeutic and an important part of life.

There you go! A nice list of new books to help you along your creative journey. Which one are you looking forward to reading? Check back in next week for another list of the newest creative book releases.

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