Make Your Own Travel Adventure Journal

When you travel, it's nice to have a record of the fun places you visit and the experiences you have on your adventures. Make your own Travel Adventure Journal with just a few supplies in 10 minutes! Who doesn't love a quick personalized craft project?

Easy To Make Travel Journal Tutorial

Keep record of your memories and mementos from your travels near and far. You can add photos, brochures, and stickers inside after your trips.

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I have a horrible memory, so having a journal to write my experiences is a must. I sit down at the end of the day - or during a break in our adventures - and write about the interesting places I've visited and the funny things my friends or family and I say to each other. I love being able to look back at all the unique experiences I've had.

Sometimes my trips are an hour away to get a break from the day to day, or practice my nature photography, or even longer trips with family or friends where we have new adventures that I want to keep track of. I like to write down the places we visit, any wildlife that we see, special flowers or trees, and any interesting conversations that we have.

Keep track of your travel adventures with this easy DIY notebook!

How To Make a Travel Adventure Journal

To make your own adventure journal, you will need a small spiral bound notebook and a few craft supplies. This type of project is a quick and easy one that any level of crafter can create! Wander the craft store aisles to find your favorite scrapbook papers and stickers to use to decorate your notebook. Or even easier use my links to order your supplies online that will be delivered right to your door!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Travel Notebook

Easy to make Travel Notebook with just a few craft supplies

Make Your Own Adventure Journal Tutorial

Easy step-by-step tutorial with pictures to make your own notebook for travel

     1. Trim your scrapbook paper to the size of your notebook cover (leaving room for the spiral on the edge). 
     2. On the front cover of the notebook, put strips of double sided tape then place the scrapbook paper on top. Make sure to place on evenly - you will not be able to remove the paper to start over!

6 step tutorial with photos to make a DIY decorated travel notebook

     3. To make your stickers stand out from your decorative scrapbook paper, cut a piece of plain cardstock slightly bigger than your sticker.
     4. Put your sticker on the piece of cardstock.

Easy Make Your Own Travel Journal Tutorial

     5. Edge the plain cardstock with your ink pad. This will make it look a little nicer against the scrap paper.

Easy to make notebook to record travel memories

     6. Use double sided tape to adhere the cardstock/sticker to the cover of your journal
That's it! In 6 simple steps you made a super cute journal you can use for your travel adventures! Change the paper and stickers, and you can make different themed notebooks or journals.

DIY Travel Journal Beginner Craft for Anyone

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