How to Make a Spiritual Journal

I like to have a journal for different topics, but I hate having to go to different stores to look at their options.  Usually I don't like the price either.  A few years ago, I started to make my own journals by altering a composition book.  This ensures that I have a journal that I like, and it also fits into my budget. 

As I have practiced making them over the years, my technique has changed.  If you remember a few months ago I shared a post about How to Alter a Composition Book.  For the project today, I have changed a few of the steps.

Yesterday I published a guest post from my friend Sabra, and today I am over at her blog sharing the instructions to make this spiritual journal.  If you aren't interested in making a spiritual journal, you can still follow the steps to make any kind of journal.  You could make a travel journal, a day-to-day journal, a dream journal, a birthday present, or a craft for a girls' night.

Here are a few links to ideas for scripture journal prompts.

Scripture Journaling - Sketch Notes (her site is full of many templates, ideas, & freebies)
Spiritual Art Journal Page (her site has lots of different ideas for journals)
How to Do a Prayer Journal (also a template)

You can find some great free printables for journals if you do an internet search.


  1. I remember your post on altering a composition notebook and look forward to seeing what you are doing different.

    1. My crafts always go through a little tweaking when I make them over and over again. I hope you like it!

  2. Thank you for featuring my Journal Prompts! I have found that creating journals with my children has been eye opening and a way for me to see their spiritual growth. SO fun!!


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