Easy Washi Tape Decorated Notebook

Are you someone that liked to have notebooks handy? Maybe as a journal, or to jot down notes, or writing down your grocery list so you don't forget anything at the store, or maybe it's to keep track of the never ending daily to-do list. Whatever the reason, it's nice to have a cute notebook to use...but the price for stylish notebooks seems to increase all the time. To solve that, you can make your own with just a few supplies!

step by step tutorial washi tape notebook

Let me confess something to you....I have a large collection of washi tape, but hardly every use it. I buy fun prints whenever I go to the store, but stockpile them because they are too cute to use. Don't tell me I'm alone! So lately I have been crafting using my washi tape and I love it!

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Easy Washi Tape Decorated Notebooks

When I visit the store, I'm always on the lookout for cheap notebooks. When they are on sale, I usually try to stock up so I can decorate them throughout the year. I like to give them as gifts, or decorate with different themes (you can see my paper decorated notebooks here), or to use as a journal on our yearly travels.

These notebooks are so quick and easy to make, so it's a nice creative outlet for when you are short on time. So grab your supplies, get crafting, and you will have a cute notebook in about 5 or 10 minutes!

Supplies Needed to Decorate Notebooks

craft supplies to diy notebooks

Notebook or Composition Book (These are small notebooks with a plastic cover from Walmart)
Scissors (use only for Washi Tape)
Hobby Knife (optional)
Stickers (optional)

Quick and Easy Tutorial to Make a Washi Tape Notebook

This step-by-step tutorial will give you a clear idea how to use washi tape to decorate your notebook. Pick your favorite print of washi and get crafting!

1. Mentally plan out what you want your notebook to look like. I like the look of the horizontal alternating strips of washi, but it is up to you. It was easier to make the vertical stripes and it looks even that way when you can get the washi lined up correctly.

use washi tape to decorate a mini notebook

2. Cover the front of your notebook with washi tape, going over the edge just a bit with tape so you make sure to have the notebook totally covered.

3. Trim the edges of the washi with your scissors or hobby knife leaving just a bit around the edges. In the supply list, I said to have scissors you only use for washi tape. That is because the stickiness will eventually gum up the scissors. You won't want to use them for fabric or paper projects.

4. Fold the excess tape to the back side of the notebook cover. That will leave it looking crisp and clean.

easy and cute decorated notebook

5. Add a sticker or two for extra decoration. You can use washi stickers, planner stickers, or really any kind of stickers.

That's it! You now have a decorated notebook that is ready to use, and now it will bring a smile to your face whenever you use it.

quick and easy washi tape notebook tutorial

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  1. I love washi and I love notebooks! I need to make some of these! Super cute!

    1. Glad you liked them Candice! They are fun and I don't lose them in my purse.

  2. I love Washi tape projects! This would be a great kid-friendly craft to do with my daughter.

    1. I am loving using washi too Jaclyn! These are fun to make with tweens. We had an art party for my 12 year old and the girls had a great time decorating their own notebooks.

  3. What a darling idea! I love how these turned out - too cute!


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