Sewing Sock Monkeys

I have two little girls (10 & 8) who both love to wear colorful, fun, and outlandish socks. As I was walking by the women's socks I found a few colorful pairs that I thought would be great for sock monkeys. I decided to make a few for my girls and they have loved them!

Sew sock monkeys using colorful patterned socks

Usually here on Home Crafts by Ali I share my own tutorials. This project isn't one that I thought up myself, so I'm linking to the tutorial that I used to create these sock monkeys. I did want to share how my monkeys turned out though and let you know a few tips I figured out as I was making these cute monkeys.

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I found a great tutorial to follow from Craft Passion that made it an easy to make project. She even includes a pattern you can print out for accurate sewing. How great is that?! For her pattern, she uses crew socks. For my monkeys, I used knee high socks because I wanted the fun prints. Whichever size you use, they turn out adorable!

Make your own cute sock monkeys

Meet Georgette and George, our favorite monkeys in the house. George belongs to my youngest and she takes him on car trips, he eats dinner with us sometimes, and he always goes on overnights to Grandpa's house. Georgette likes to spend time reading with my older daughter and helping her construct her Lego creations.

Supplies needed:
Pair of socks
sewing machine
Embroidery Floss
Water Soluble Pencil
wooden spoon

My observation and tips:
  • If you use knee high socks, the printed pattern won't fit your socks perfectly. To make the arms, legs, and tail look proportionate to the body of your monkey, make them all just a bit longer.
  • With thinner socks, don't overstuff your monkey. They can look a little too bulky and it also causes strain on the seams. When I sewed these, I actually went back a second time along the seams so they were fortified a little better.
  • Depending on how much your kids love on their monkey, you may have to go back and hand stitch small areas where the seams open up. (George has been to surgery 2 times)
  • The more colorful and fun the pattern of sock, the cuter the project turns out.
  • If you are using knee high socks, they will be longer and it is harder to turn the small arms and tail right side out. I used the small end of a wooden spoon to turn them right side out easier.

Use wooden spoon to turn small sewn items right side out

So, go buy some fun socks, print off the pattern, gather your supplies, and start sewing! In no time you will have cute sock monkeys of your own.

Cute and colorful sock monkeys perfect for kids

~ Happy Crafting!


  1. These look like a lot of fun! My youngest brother had a sock monkey growing up and it was stitched up a few times.

    1. That's just how you know they are extra loved. =)


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