2019 Reading Challenge

It's the start of a new year and lots of people sit down to make resolutions and goals. If one of your goals is to read more during 2019, then this reading challenge is just what you need!

2019 reading challenge book prompts

Today I've put together a list of ideas of different types of books that you can read this year. Pick which ones fit for you as you read this year. You can print out your own copy of the challenge throught the link at the end of this post.

I'll admit, sometimes I get in a reading rut. Often I pick up the same books each time when I am ready to read. That is comforting - knowing that you will enjoy the story, the writing of the author, and revisiting a charachter you know and love. But one of the best parts of reading is the joy of a new experience and the anticipation when you open a book for the first time.

2019 Reading Challenge

Books have the power to open your mind to new ideas, take you to destinations far from home, let your imagination take flight, and provide adventure from your comfy chair at home.

Hopefully this reading challenge will help you take a chance on a few new books this year. You never know, your favorite book could be waiting on a bookshelf for you the next time you visit a bookstore!

  1. A book that is an old favorite
  2. A book recommendation from a friend
  3. A book from a genre you don't normally read
  4. A book from the library
  5. A book published this year
  6. A book that inspires you
  7. A book with a beautiful cover
  8. A holiday book
  9. A book with food in the title
  10. A book written for children
  11. A book based on a fairytale
  12. A historical fiction book
  13. A book on your To-Be-Read list
  14. A book that celebrates diversity
  15. A book set in a place you would love to travel
  16. A book about a hobby you would like to try
  17. A book set in the future
  18. A book that became a movie
  19. A book from an independent bookshop
  20. A book by an author with your initials
  21. A book on the Best-Sellers list
  22. A book by a debut author
  23. A book for middle-grade ages (8-12)
  24. A non-fiction book
  25. A book with an unusual title
  26. A book published 20 years ago
  27. A book by an author you have never read
  28. A self-improvement book
  29. A book you can't put down
  30. An audio book

Print Your Own Reading Challenge Page

To keep track of the books you have read and these reading prompts, you can download a PDF of the image below and print it out for yourself. Mark these off as you read books throughout the year. To download the PDF file, CLICK HERE

reading challenge download book prompt list


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