Homemade Cooking - Date Edition

Today I would like to welcome one of my blogging friends, Sabra, to my site.  She is going to share her real-life adventure in date night cooking with her husband.

Hi everyone! I'm Sabra from Becoming A Gilbert, where I write about my faith, college, marriage, and basically anything else that catches my fancy!! I also love sharing my photography as I work my way from novice to professional! Now I will admit that I don't do a lot of homemade dinners or projects, mostly because work and classes take up a good chunk of my time. But Simeon (my husband) and I have been trying our best to cook healthier meals.

This is the story of our latest date night, homemade, healthy cooking fail.

Homemade Cooking - Date Edition a guest post by Becoming a Gilbert

So we had done the grocery shopping a week beforehand and had everything that we needed to try out this brand new meal that involved steak. I have never cooked with steak before. Simeon has never cooked steak before. We were both excited and nervous but it looked like a yummy recipe.

Simeon and I love cooking together for bigger meals. We split up the responsibility and it is just fun to banter and sing together in the kitchen (we met in high school while both in theater so singing is a must in our house). So the night was starting off on a good night, Simeon was cutting up the steak into bite size pieces, and I started blending the sauce/marinating stuff.

That's where we hit the first problem.

We couldn't stand the smell. We were trying to make steak bites with parsley-garlic sauce. And the sauce calls for 2 cups of parsley. Must I repeat that. . . . 2 CUPS OF PARSLEY. The sauce smelled like grass and tasted like it too. So we added a few extra teaspoons of the lemon juice and olive oil and concentrated on the steak part. We mixed some of the sauce with the steak and put it into the fridge to marinate.

We were a little skeptical on how it was going to turn out.

We started cooking the steak in the skillet a little while later. I was loving how it was smelling and so was Simeon. So we started getting excited that we had found something that was pretty healthy and was going to taste good. I mean, the just because the sauce made us think we were rabbits didn't mean that we were going to completely hate all of it right?

We loved the steak. Especially when we put Simeon's favorite BBQ sauce on it. But the parsley-garlic sauce wasn't liquid enough to really be a sauce at all. Maybe we made the recipe wrong. Maybe it just wasn't something we could get into. But we just weren't big fans.

We love cooking together and trying new recipes. So we'll probably be back at it this week! It's one of our favorite at home, decently cheap dates to do. We get to explore in the kitchen and being college kids, that is something we really need to do! Because when we find a recipe we like, we eat it until we hate it. So if you have a recipe that you think we might like to try, put it in the comments please!!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you!!!

I love how honest Sabra is in this post.  Don't we all have some of those nights when your meal doesn't turn out the way you planned?  She has such a good attitude, ended up having it taste good with a little added BBQ sauce, and I loved hearing how her and her husband cooked the meal together.  What a fun date night!

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  1. I love date nights experimenting with cooking!

  2. That looks like such a fun idea for a date night!

    1. I think I'm going to tell my husband we should do this for date night this week!

  3. What fun inexpensive date night! My husband thinks everything tastes better with barbecue sauce.

    1. I'd have to agree with him. =) It adds a little more flavor sometimes.


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