Easy DIY Decor Broomsticks

Are you looking for some not-so-spooky decor to go with your colorful fall pumpkins? With just a few supplies, you can make some easy broomsticks for your porch decorations.

Cute and Easy to Make Fall Broomstick Decorations

I like the natural look for decorations, so these broomsticks were just right for our porch. They are super easy to make and it only took about 15 minutes of work to put together. Love those fast craft projects!

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Easy to Make Decor Broomsticks

The idea for these broomsticks came about when my neighbor and I hosted a Witch's Night Out Party. We thought about our theme and decided to decorate in an Autumn Harvest theme. We wanted something besides pumpkins to be on the porch to welcome our guests, so we decided to make some quick broomsticks. You can see ideas for your own party here.

Supplies Needed to Make Decoration Broomsticks

With just a few supplies, you can make cute broomsticks for your porch

  • Wood Dowel - 36 inch long and 5/8" diameter (found at any craft store or Walmart)
  • Orange Twine or Ribbon (Craft stores or Dollar Tree)
  • Wood Stain - I used Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut (Walmart or hardware stores)
  • Dried Wheat/Grass or Raffia - I collected some dried grasses from a nearby field, but you can find items at stores or online to use
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Rag or Towel

Decoration Broomstick Tutorial

Follow this 3 step tutorial to make cute broomstick decorations

        1. Wearing gloves, use a rag to stain the wood dowel. Put a thin layer of the stain onto the dowel. If it is too thick or dark, you can use a clean rag to wipe some stain off.  Notice in the pictures there were no gloves - just dark brown stained fingers for days. Let the stain dry about 20-30 minutes.

Follow this easy 3-step tutorial to make broomstick decorations

            2. Trim the raffia or dried grass to the desired length. Bunch together, then place the dowel into the dried grass. If you are using raffia or a soft grass, then the dowel will most likely have to go to the ground when the broomstick is placed. For a stiffer dried grass/wheat, more of the dowel can be sticking out because the stiffer material will support itself.

Easy to Make Broomstick Decorations for Fall or Halloween

        3. Wrap the twine/ribbon around the dried grass/raffia about an inch or two below the top. We put the twine around quite a few times to make sure that the straw and dowel stayed in place.

Easy 3 step fall decor broomsticks

And that's it! Seriously easy right?? A three step project for your porch decor! Minimum work for a cute decoration project!

With just a few supplies and not too much time, you can make a not-too-spooky fall or Halloween decoration for your porch.

Easy to Make Decoration Broomsticks Tutorial

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