Favorite Crafting Tools of Creative Craft Bloggers

It's always fun to find new crafting supplies that you haven't heard of before. What better way to find out about crafting tools than from craft bloggers? Today I have a list of favorite crafting items and why they are useful from 5 different creative bloggers.

favorite crafting tools you will love

I belong to a blogging group of some great crafty ladies. We all work on different types of creative projects, so when we were asked us to share our favorite crafting tools I was excited to see what the other ladies would put down as the crafting item that they loved. I hope you find something on this list that you, or your crafty loved one, will be able to use!

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Christmas is right around the corner and I know some people are still shopping for loved ones. If you have some crafty people on your list that you still need to pick up a few gifts for, I have a list of some ideas for crafting tools that will be sure to please.

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1  Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat
Home Crafts by Ali - "This mat protects your crafting surface from paints and glue. It's super easy to clean too!" 

 You can read my full review of this wonderful craft mat by clicking here.

2  Prismacolor Adult Coloring Kit
2 Dishing Divas - "LOVE these super colorful pencils - perfect for any coloring project!"

I actually just bought a set of these and love how smooth they are, they blend really easily.

3  Dritz Ergonomic Seam Ripper
Our Daily Craft - "I'm not a great sewer so I need to rip out seams a lot. I love the feel of this seam ripper, it's comfortable in your hands and works well too."

I'm the same as Sarah, I make mistakes when I sew a little too fast and my seam ripper is so tiny. This one would work much better.

4  Crochet Set
Try it - Like it - "I love to grab crochet when I travel. This crochet set makes it so easy."

It's such a cute set too! I would love to have those crochet hooks, they have a comfort grip.

5  Fiskars 5 inch Scissors
Life Beyond the Kitchen - "Small and sharp, Fiskars 5 inch scissors are perfect for crafting on the go. Great for cutting yarn and thread. They are easily maneuvered to allow for precision cuts on paper, fabric, or felt. I have other scissors, but these are my favorite. I've had my pair for over 15 years."

These would be all around great scissors to have for fine detail work.

There you have it! 5 craft supplies that creative bloggers love. Let me know in the comments which one you or your crafty loved one will like.

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  1. Perfect! This is a great list for a lot of people I know, I have to forward it to them. Think they will get the hint? TFS

    1. Hope it was useful to share so people know just what to get you!


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