DIY Decoupage Wooden Winter Snowflake

Winter decorating time has arrived! Pull out your favorite pieces to display, then gather just a few craft supplies and you can make this super cute wooden winter snowflake to add to your decor. The best part is you can keep it up after Christmas time too!

step by step tutorial diy decoupage wooden winter snowflake

When I brought down the box that holds my winter decorations, I noticed how sparse my decorations were. To remedy that, I decided to create a few winter themed decor pieces that I could add to the Christmas ones I already had. I was off to the craft store to see what inspiration I could find.
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When I was walking the aisles at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I saw a large wooden MDF snowflake that I knew would be perfect! I could see the project in my head right away - a decoupage project would be easy and cute. I just love when i immediately know what I want to create!

When I went to the scrapbook paper section, I planned on buying a plain sheet of light blue paper and having to add glitter to add a little sparkle. Thankfully I found light blue paper that has white dots and glittery sparkles on the dots. They look just like tiny glittering snowflakes.

DIY Decoupage Wooden Winter Snowflake

I'm all about easy projects, and this one is no different. It doesn't take very long to make either, so gather your supplies, put on your favorite show, and get crafting! By the time you finish watching Joanna and Chip fix up a house and make it perfect, you will have finished your new decor piece to add that special winter touch to your home.

Supplies Needed for Your Snowflake

wood snowflake and crafting supplies

Snowflake Cutout - I bought mine at a local Jo-Ann's store. Their website doesn't have the exact one, but this hanging snowflake is beautiful also. You can also buy a similar one through Wood Creations.
Scrapbook paper
Acrylic paint - I used Plaid Apple Barrel white
Brush for the glue
Fine Sandpaper - optional

Decoupage Snowflake Tutorial

My first step when crafting with paint or glue is to spread out my craft mat. That way I don't ruin my table with paint smudges or get glue spots all over.

painting wood cut out

First you paint the snowflake cut out. The sides will show when you place it on your shelf, so adding a while or light blue will make it look nice when on display. I also paint the flat side of the snowflake as well, it gives the scrapbook paper something to adhere to better.

Trace the snowflake onto the back side of your scrapbook paper with a pencil. When you cut the paper, remember to cut slightly inside of the drawn line. Your paper will fit onto the shape more accurately and there won't be much overhang to trim.

brush mod podge onto wood snowflake and paper

Use a sponge brush or the Mod Podge brush to apply the Mod Podge (or other craft glue). You will need to apply glue to the wood as well as the back of the scrapbook paper. If you only do one or the other, the paper will start to peel off when it dries or there will be air bubbles between the paper and the wood.

When I glued the paper on, I worked one one branch at a time. You might think about applying glue to the whole piece at one time, but it will dry out and not adhere as well.

sanding edges of wood snowflake decoration

Let the Mod Podge dry - about 20 minutes or so. Check to see if there is excess paper hanging over the edges. If there is, you can trim with scissors or a craft knife. Or you can just use sandpaper to even it out. When using sandpaper, you can lightly distress the edges of the snowflake if you want. Some people like the look, some people don't. It's just an option.

You can then leave it how it is, or you can add a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper. The added layer on top will seal the project so it lasts longer. I always make sure to add a little extra where the paper meets the wood so it doesn't peel off at a future time. 

If you decide to add a layer of Mod Podge, make sure that it is a thin layer and that you watch carefully for any bubbling to occur. Every once in a while there will be an area that wasn't glued down well, when you add the sealant on top it can cause a bubble underneath the paper to occur. You can generally carefully smooth that out by running your finger over it gently.

quick and easy glittery snowflake on display

And you are done! Let your project dry and then it is ready to be put on display!

light blue glitter snowflake with winter decor pieces

This turned out just as I had hoped when I first saw the snowflake cutout. The best part was I didn't have to use (read - make a mess with) glitter to get the sparkle that I imagined.  The paper had just the right amount already!

This snowflake inspired me to create another snowflake decor piece using buttons. Check out my Button Snowflake Canvas Art!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and useful today. I would love to see your winter projects! You can share them on my Facebook page if you would like.

wood snowflake  tutorial decoupage with sparkly scrapbook paper

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