How to Sew a Quick Trick or Treat Bag

Join me today for this tutorial and you can learn to make a trick or treat bag in about 20 minutes.

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Every year for Halloween we buy those cute plastic pumpkins for trick or treating.  My girls play with them for a while, then they get broken. This year instead of buying another pumpkin, I decided to make a trick or treat bag.

This was a quick project and I thought that I would share it with you here so you can make your own.  September is National Sewing Month and I have shared a new sewing project each week.  These are easy enough for beginners, but also fun projects for people that have experience sewing.

Materials Used

20 inch cut of fabric (main bag piece and straps)
1/4 yard fabric  (edging piece)
Singer Talent Sewing Machine
Dritz Ball Point Pins


You will need to cut your fabric to the size that we will be using for this trick or treat bag.  

1 - 20 inch x 13 inch
1 - 20 inch x 9 inch
2 - 20 inch x 5 inch

You will fold the edging piece long ways with the back facing each other.  Then you will layer that on top of the main bag piece which has the pattern facing up.  Line the 20 inch edges together and pin along the whole length.  You will sew through all three layers along that long side of the fabric.  You will need to remove the pins as you sew, being careful to not sew over them.  Back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitch length so it does not come unraveled.

When you are done sewing that length, unfold the edging so it is smoothed out and then iron the fabric.

Fold the fabric in half, so the edging is at the top and the pattern side faces inward.  Pin the fabric together, then sew the sides.  You will be sewing the long side from the corner of the edging down to the bottom of the bag, then turn your fabric and sew along the bottom.  You will need to back stitch at the beginning and end.

Next you will sew the straps for the bag.  Fold the strap piece lengthwise in half and iron.  Unfold the piece of fabric, then fold each edge into the center and iron again.  Fold in half again so it is a long, thin strip.

You will then sew around all four edges of the strap fabric.  The sides are tucked in (because of the folding and refolding in the step before), the ends are rough but that doesn't matter because they will be sewn on the inside of the bag.

Turn the bag right side out, then pin the straps to the bag.  The front will have one strap and the back will have the other strap. Pin the ends of the strap fabric to the inside of the bag, about an inch from the side edge of the bag.

Last you will sew the handle straps.  This is the most tricky part of the project.  To sew this, you will need to remove the accessory tray so you will be able to work with the small area you will be sewing.  

You will sew as shown in the diagram above.  First sew along line 1, turn the fabric 90 degrees and sew along 2, turn again and sew 3, turn again and sew 4.  End by going over your original stitch where you started at 1, back stitch, then forward stitch again.  Make sure to cut off the hanging threads.

Your trick or treat bag is finished!  All that's left is to dress up, visit some neighbors, and fill with tasty treats!

Thank you for joining me for our last sewing tutorial for September.  It has been so much fun to make pillowcases, a doll blanket, burp cloths and now this trick or treat bag.  I have enjoyed practicing my sewing skills and looking through my fabric.  My next sewing project is finishing a baby quilt I started a few years ago.  Look for that one in the future!

I hope you found this tutorial useful.  I'd love to hear in the comments if you decide to try it out yourself!


  1. Replies
    1. It was my favorite too! There were some cute ones to choose from.

  2. Those plastic pumpkins never last. We have a really old one that is made better and has held up, but the new ones barely make it through a a year.

    1. It's the same with Easter baskets for us. =)

  3. Very cute! I love your photos...very easy to see what you're doing. :)

    1. Thank you! I learn best visually and hope that my photos help people out. Thanks for visiting today. =)

  4. What a cute bag! Two out of our 3 plastic pumpkins have broken handles. This is SUCH a better idea than buying more plastic junk! Thanks for the great sewing tutorial.

    1. It is cute! I love the fabric. I'm glad you liked the tutorial. =)

  5. Replies
    1. The candy corn material is so fun. I went to the store to buy more and they were all out!

  6. This bag is too cute!! My daughter would love one!!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! My girls can't wait for Halloween so they can use theirs.

  7. Thanks for letting me share this in my Halloween roundup that will go live tonight!

    1. Your welcome! I can't wait to see your fun round-up! I'll make sure to share it with my readers too on social media.

  8. Thank you for this tutorial! I am going to use this to make totes for my local library. I do monthly events with them and this is going to be perfect for the October event, we are decorating totes that I am making.
    Great instructions and easy to follow. Thank you!


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