Tuesday Morning Shopping - for the love of good deals

I love to shop and I love finding good deals on items.  This shopping trip combined both. Come see what Tuesday Morning has to offer.

Bargain shopping of quality items
This post is not sponsored.  I just wanted to share the fun items at a great price that I found.

I had seen the store Tuesday Morning for years, even back when we were living in South Carolina.  I had driven by quite often, but never stopped in to see what the store was like.  I was in the area and had a while to wait for my family while they were busy, so I stopped in.  I found that the items they have are good quality for a fraction of the price.  All items have a tag that states the suggested retail price and then lists the price that they sell for.  You can get cute and decorative pieces for a great bargain.

I looked at their Store Locator page and it seems as if they have stores all over the US except in Wyoming and Montana.

So let's go shopping!

Outside the store was a selection of items that were on clearance.  They had some awesome deals on baskets, cookware and summer items.

The store had a wonderful selection of home decor items and I really wanted to buy just about everything I saw.  There were patio items like cushions, wind chimes, and decorative summer dishes.  There were decorative area rugs in many patterns and colors.  I loved all of the different throw pillows they had.  Those vibrant colors are wonderful!

They had a whole aisle of candles and other little knicknacks.  They had framed posters and paintings along with other wall decor.

They had a few aisles for their kitchenware.  They had cookware, food, cookbooks, and dishes.  They had cookware from many of the Food Network chefs.  I've seen the same items at other stores for about double the price.  There were many different styles to choose from.  This is one of their racks of dishes.

They had pet supplies, craft supplies, small furniture and toys as well.  They had a section for storage items and I fell in love with these decorative cardboard boxes.  They had them in all different sizes.

There was a whole aisle of baskets too.  Some were wicker, some had fabric lining, some were wooden or plastic.  I like the fabric lined ones and might buy a few for my craft room if I find I need extra storage for small items.

They also have a whole section of specialty packaged food from different parts of the world.  It was a neat store and I definitely want to go back again.  I love finding great deals on cute items.

Of course, I bought some items for us as well as just looking around.

My sister in law is visiting and I wanted to buy some bright and colorful new towels.  I found these for a total of $5.50  Check back next week to see other items I bought as a welcome guest gift for her.

Lately I have wanted to buy a few dishes to use in photos for here on my blog.  I found these simple items that I think will work well for displaying food.  The bowls were each .99 and the serving tray was $1.99

Notice the beautiful decoration on this cut glass bowl?

My daughter is still going through a phase where she loves things that have to do with Paris and France.  I found these cookies and candies in their specialty food area.  I remember my French teacher would had out those candies when we pronounced words correctly.  These two items were $2.75

And it's hard for me to pass up buying crafting items.  I found these journaling cards that were .99 for the three pack and this stack of small stamp pads for .79

If you have a Tuesday Morning store in your area and you haven't tried shopping there yet, I'd advise you to make a trip to see what you wonderful deals you can find.


  1. Great finds! Our Tuesday Morning recently closed. It was not in a good location. I think they may reopen if they find a better location.

    1. That's too bad Kim. I'm lucky that it is about 20 minutes away....I think that I would be there way too often if it was closer.

  2. My sister-in-law just introduced me to this store a few weeks ago and I am IN LOVE! There is one just minutes from my house.. which could be a good thing or a terrible thing:)

    1. Isn't it wonderful? Yes, it could be a good thing or a terrible thing! Ours it 20 minutes away or I'd be there way to often.


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