Idaho Farm at Sunset

For our family vacation last month, we went to Idaho to visit family before we continued onto our trip to Yellowstone.  They live on acreage with fields of grain growing.  It is so peaceful to visit there, where the sounds of the city are left behind, where you can see for miles in every direction, where the air is fresh and where you can see stars filling the sky.

I grew up in Tacoma, Washington which is a large city.  We would visit the ocean and the mountains during the summer.  The only time I ever remember visiting a farm was when we went berry picking one time.  My husband and I lived in South Carolina for quite a few years and visited friends on their farm almost every year.  I fell in love with the country roads, the cute little baby lambs and goats, the slower pace of life and the beauty that could be found in the simplest things.

I often wish that we could live on some land, have a few acres and a few animals to take care of.  In my head it would be the ideal life.  But then I think about getting up early to take care of the animals or work on the harvest, and I remember that it's nice to visit, but it is probably not the life I'm cut out for.

When we arrived at my aunt-in-law's house it was right before sunset and we had to wait outside for her to get home.  The lighting was wonderful and I had to take the opportunity to capture the beauty with my camera.

Wooden Birdhouses

Farm storage buildings

tractor in the sunlight

sunset light on the fields

I honestly can't pick which picture I love the most!  When I look at them, I think of how peaceful it was and how nice it was to get away for a little while.

The sky was so clear that night and I tried to take some photos of the moon, but I didn't have my tripod with me and my hand wasn't steady enough.  We are heading back up there next weekend and I will remember to pack my tripod so I can try to take some night exposure photographs.  With no city lights to get in the way of the stars, it is absolutely beautiful.  I also want to take a few more shots of the shed with the peeling paint. I think it would make a wonderful background to use for family photos.

To tie this post in with craftiness, I wanted to share a homemade object that my aunt-in-law makes.  She buys fabric, cuts it into strips, sews the pieces together, then crochets it into rugs.  She has many multi-colored beautiful rugs throughout her house in different sizes and shapes.  This one was in the room that we stayed in.

I would love to learn to make these.  We might have to make a trip up there during the fall or winter to visit so I can have her teach me how to make them.

As a note to those of you that read my weekly newsletter and expected to come enter a giveaway, that post will come up either tomorrow or Friday after I talk with the sponsor and finalize the details.


  1. I grew up on a farm and often think about how nice it would be for the kids. It would be great for them to have lots of room to run around, but it is a lot of work. Instead we opt for a small zoo at our house with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a lizard. The pictures are beautiful!

    1. We have a very small yard, and I always wish that my girls had more room to just run and be. For some reason, they want a goat as a pet. But for now we will take our nice house, small yard, cat, dog, and turtle. =)

  2. Loved these images! Thanks so much for sharing!


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