Dartside - Indoor Dart Tag

Live in Central and Northern Utah and looking for a fun family activity?  I think that you would love to go to Dartside in Layton Utah.  It is an indoor dart tag arena that is a lot of fun and the whole family can enjoy.  Don't miss out on the giveaway at the end of this post!

** I received free tickets to Dartisde as a blogger event in exchange for my honest review **

A few weeks ago, a group of bloggers met at Dartside to see how much fun it was.  The owner (he's in the black shirt in the back) opened early for us so we could have the whole arena to ourselves while we played and it was so much fun!

Never played dart tag?  Well, let me tell you about it.  You get a Nerf blaster that holds Nerf foam circles, those are the darts.  You can load one at a time into the basic blaster.  While playing you wear a jersey of your team color, you run around trying to hit the other team, play by the honor rule, and have a great time!

Here's a few things to know before you go:

  • To play, you must be wearing socks.  If you do forget your own pair, they have socks for you to purchase
  • Players must be at least 5 years old - they have a room in the front for smaller children where an adult can keep them occupied
  • Always wear your safety glasses that they provide
  • You're out - when you feel yourself get tagged by a foam dart you go and sit in the dugout until the next round.  Don't worry though, the rounds are usually less than 2-3 minutes.
  • Don't aim for the face. 
  • Be prepared to have fun!

Photo Courtesy of Dartside website
This is what part of the arena looks like from above.  There are places to hide behind while making your way to the other team to get them out.  You can pile the foam circles on the different pieces that you plan on using as a shield or you can put them in the pocket of your vest.

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  Everyone was moving around and having a good time!  The circles on the floor are the "darts".  I should have taken a closer picture of what they looked like, but rest assured that they don't hurt when you get hit.

We were able to experience both their regular play and the black light play.  Both were fun, but I liked the black light play the best.

By the time we were finished, we were thirsty and a bit tired.  The owner of Dartside had put together this gift for each of us.  We had a bottle of cold water, a package of Airhead bites candy, a silicone Dartside bracelet, and a return card.

As we were leaving, both my girls said they wanted to go play again, especially to have their birthday party there.

So, think that you might be interested in taking a trip to Dartside?  It's about $10 per hour if you are 11 & up and about $8 per hour if you are under 11.  Their price depends on which day you go.  Every Monday is Family/Group night and it is discounted.  They have 3 great birthday packages to choose from as well.  You can find detailed information of hours and prices by visiting their website here.

Ready to enter to win passes for yourself?  I have a group of 5 tickets for you to win! Enter the Rafflecopter below to win.  This is only good for tickets to Dartside in Layton, Utah.  This giveaway will run through Monday.  A winner will randomly be picked then I will email the winner.  If I do not hear back within 48 hours, I will pick a new winner.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Man, if I lived closer to that area I would totally enter the giveaway. My kids would love it

    1. The owner said that there are other indoor dart arenas across the country. Specifically he said, Idaho, Florida, Washington, Oregon. You could check to see if there was one nearby. =) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've never heard of dart tag! This is awesome. I wish we had something like this out here.

    1. Laser tag is just as fun. Do you have one of those nearby? If so, I'd take a trip and try it out. =)


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