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Here are my most visited posts from the past month.  It's nice to keep track of what is interesting to my readers.  That way I can think up more things that I hope you will like!

I loved my Owl Family painting.  It was actually the first project that I just thought up on my own, without the help of Pinterest or hearing about another fun craft from someone else.  It was the most fun for me because I was being genuinely creative.  I love those owls and am looking for the perfect frame for them!

People seemed to be as excited to read about Mixed Media art as I was to learn about it.  I have to admit that I have tried a project and it didn't come out how I imagined it.  I'm going to keep trying though!

My Top 6 Craft Room ideas post was so fun to put together.  Looking at all the different craft rooms and dreaming about what I would want for a room on my own was a highlight of my week.

My Scrabble Tile Coasters turned out so cute and I'm glad that my friend likes them.  It seems like other people like the idea too!  I can't wait to make some more!

Thanks for reading along with me in March.  I hope that you like my posts in April too.  I have quite a few neat ideas.  I've got a cute bird feeder makeover, a recipe for one of my favorite snacks, another fun Scrabble Tile craft, photos I've taken of some of my favorite buildings, and lots more!

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