6 B's Sign Touch up

You may remember when I posted about this Thrift Store Find back in February.  At the time I thought that I would just keep it how I found it.  After having it up for a week or so, I decided that I wanted to touch it up a bit.  You can see in the picture that there are a few scuffs and scrapes.

The sign is a 18" x 3.5" x .75" piece of wood.  It was painted cream and had dark brown vinyl letters on it.

  I went through my paints and decided on using Apple Barrel Cool Blue and Apple Barrel Parrot Blue.  I just put a splotch of each color onto a plate.  Then I took a bit from both colors and painted over the whole front and sides of the piece of wood.  This is what it looked like with 1 coat of paint.

I let the first coat of paint dry, then I added a second coat of paint.  I liked how it covered over the cream color better.
After it dried, I peeled the vinyl letters off the board. I started by trying to use an X-Acto knife, but I was worried about it scratching the paint, so I ended up using my fingernails.  It only took about 5 minutes to do the whole sign.
After I finished taking off the vinyl, I sprayed it with a coat of Aleene's Acrylic Sealer. Now it's hanging up in our kitchen where we can see it every day.


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