Treasures Antique Mall Part 1

Strange title for my post right?  You are probably thinking, how much could she write about shopping at an antique mall that would need more than one post.  Keep reading to see.

A while ago I wrote about the different thrift stores in the area where I enjoy shopping (click here).  While I was writing that post, I decided to Google thrift stores close to me to make sure that there weren't any that I was missing.  I was surprised to find an antique mall listed in the little town next to where I live.  I knew that I needed to make a trip up there to see what they had.  I love to look at antique stores, but most of the prices are not quite in my budget.  You never know what you are going to find though, so I decided it would be great to check out.  It was fun wandering around the aisles (I'm using that term loosely because there aren't straight aisles to go down, you kind of meander here and there) of the long yellow building. My reason for going there was twofold.  I wanted to find the perfect treasure I could write about for my Thrift Store Finds (see what I found here), but I also wanted to take pictures and let you know what it was like.  Want to go shopping with me?  Okay, let's start.

When you walk in they have a wall full of locked up items, mostly jewelry.  There are hundreds of little booths throughout the store that are decorated and owned by different people. You could find just about anything that you could imagine.

My favorite booth was one that had these cool wood tables, bookshelves, and these neat wooden boxes. There were probably 10 different sized boxes and I wanted to buy them all.

There was quite a few different areas that displayed old fashioned cookware and household items.  Looking at the bakeware, utensils, and clothes wringers really made me appreciate living in this time.  There were plenty displays of china, cutlery, place settings and tablecloths.  Those areas had the most amazing display cabinets and I wanted to buy those.  There was only one dish display that was newer. I really loved the colors of the ceramic bowls and pitchers.

There were plenty of booths that weren't vintage and old fashioned, so this store could really appeal to just about anyone.

 I loved looking at the button collections. This glass top table was full of interesting ones. I have quite a few button crafts pinned on my Pinterest craft board and it might be fun to buy some of these buttons for those.

There were classic board games that I remember playing when I was little. There were action figures from the 80's to early 2000.  I found tons of comic books that were cool.   There were book displays all over the place, and I love books so it was interesting to look at them.

There was a great selection of vinyl records and memorbilia of bands from the 50's-70's.  It was neat to look through some of the record albums and remember my dad playing them when I was little.  I knew that my husband would love to look at the records, so maybe he will go with me when I go back next time.

There were areas that had crafts that had obviously been recently created.  There were plenty of those cute little triangle flag banners.  The most interesting to me was this little section that had these "bead trees" placed in shot glasses or votive candle holders.  I went back to that section 2 or 3 times but didn't buy one a that time. I actually went back again and bought the one on the left with the blue pebbles as a gift for my daughter's 10th birthday.

There was a booth that had different artwork in it.  The one thing that I really loved and didn't end up buying was this framed print.  It reminds me of what I imagine the Tuscan countryside to look like.

I had a great time shopping there and look forward to going back.  Oh yeah, why is this post labeled Part 1?  Well, when I left the store and was pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed that over to the left (on the South Side of the parking lot) there was ANOTHER long yellow building with an open sign on it.  There are actually two separate buildings for the Antique Mall.  I didn't have time to shop any more that day, so I will have to make another trip to check out the other building.

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