Fun at the Holy Cow Boutique

My visit to the Holy Cow Boutique in Pleasant Grove combined my love of shopping and supporting local artists.  If you are in the Utah County area, I would advise you to go over there and see all the different vendors and items offered.  They will be open through Saturday.  There are over 65 vendors selling different items.  And you can't miss out on the Big Buns...cinnamon rolls that melt in your mouth.  You can smell them while you are walking around looking at all the cute booths.

On to the different vendors.  Each booth has items displayed for sale, but not all of them have someone that is actually there that you can ask questions or talk with about the products.  Most have cards at the booth so you can get in touch with the owner either by e-mail or visit their website.  I took pictures of just a few that I thought people would like to know about.

1. Peekaboo-Chic - They have slips, skirt extenders, top extenders, and boot socks. Their items are great for cute layering.

2. Build Your Own Fairy Garden - They did not have anyone there or cards available.  Their items were so adorable though.  If you have little kids they would probably be excited if you bought some of the items to make a fairy garden of your own.  My girls loved the items I bought and can't wait to get started on our fairy garden.

3. My Growing Season - This has ready-made cloth quiet books, chore charts and more.  If I had younger kids I would have bought a quiet book.  Their items would be perfect for pre-school children.

4. Think Pink Bows - This booth was adorable.  I had a hard time trying to get a picture because there were people there so often!  They sell headbands, necklaces, and outfits for baby and little girls.  Their items are perfect for those sweet pictures you may want to have taken of your little one.

5. Love, Mom  This booth has cute pillowcases that have been printed on and you are able to color or write on them to decorate them.  There is a whole line of pillowcases for children and I think it would be a fun activity for a birthday party or a late night friend party.  They also have some for missionaries where people could write at a farewell. They have a "Mr & Mrs" set which would be perfect for guests at a bridal shower or wedding reception to write on.

6. Daydream Doll Boutique - They have adorable clothes for the dolls that are the same size as American Girl dolls. There were clothes, accessories, and furniture available to buy.  Their prices are comparable to the outfits that you can buy for that size doll at Target or Walmart.

My favorite booth was one where you were able to pick your own charms and design a bracelet or necklace.  Cynthia was so nice and helpful.

Other booths had party supplies, magnetic picture collage items, headbands, decorative framed prints, aprons, personalized baby announcements, ties for kids & dads to match, carved wooden items, a neat product called a tech pillow, and much more.  It was neat to walk around and look at the items that people were selling.  

If you aren't able to make it to Pleasant Grove this weekend, don't worry. The good thing about the boutique is, they are there 4 times throughout the year!  Don't forget to visit Holy Cow Boutique on Facebook for updates, different pictures of vendors at the boutiques, and information on how to enter giveaways!

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