Thrift Store Finds - Little Teapot

Generally I share about craft supplies that I find for good deals at the thrift store.  This time I have a cute teapot to share.  I love the design on it! Flowers and ladybugs.  The handle on the top is a flower too!

When my 9 year old daughter was 4, she was given a small ceramic tea set.  She loves to have tea parties with her friends - sipping lemonade and eating crackers and cookies.  The bad part is that she never wants to let her 7 year old sister join the tea party.  So I decided that I would be on the lookout for my youngest dauther when I was on my thrifting adventures. 

 This teapot is the first piece of a tea set that I have found for her.  It is actually a child size teapot.  It hardly holds 1 1/2 cups of water.  She loves it though and is so happy to have something of her very own.  I've got to keep my eyes peeled when I go next time to see if there are any teacups or saucers.


  1. My 9 year old received a tea set from Santa. She loves it, but has the same issues with her younger siblings. I love the teapot you found, it is super cute!
    Deborah from

    1. Thanks for the comment Deborah! Those younger siblings have it hard some times.


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