Adorable Picture Frame

Here is another project that I have finished. It is another Thrift Store Find that I have updated. I have so much fun looking through my collection of papers (another Thrift Store Find) to see which ones would work best for each project I work on.

So here is the before and after of this frame.

In a previous post Decorated Wooden Letters I gave the first 4 steps to create this project.  You can find those directions here.  Those include the prep of the frame, painting, and papering.  Following are the next steps.

First let's look at the supplies I collected to decorate this picture frame.

I had already painted the picture frame white at this point, and I had cut the scrapbook paper too.  Those felt flowers ended up not being the right shade of pink so I didn't use them.

I found the stickers on one of my Hobby Lobby trips.  They happened to be in the clearance section.  I picked the "adorable" sticker because I thought it would work the best....and it had the cute flowers too.  Next I put the sticker on the plain pink cardstock.  Then I trimmed the paper using my Cricut trimmer.  I rounded the corners of the paper so it wasn't so sharp around the edges.

Then I used Mod Podge to attach the cut paper to the frame.  Next I cut a flower out of the same cardstock I used behind the sticker.  I glued it to the frame, then used craft glue to attach the button to the paper flower. I used a fine tip pen to make a stitched looking boarder around the flower.  I applied a layer of  Mod Podge to the whole project and was done!

Check my Etsy page for the opportunity to buy this adorable picture frame. If you would like a frame in a different color or theme I can do that too!


  1. How cute is that frame! Great redo of the frame. Thanks for sharing this over at Feature Fridays. I hope to see you soon


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