Thrift Store Finds - Books

Here is the first post for the week focusing on Springville Utah.  While shopping at Treasures Antique Mall I found quite a few things that I wanted to buy.  I will post a review later this week about the neat items you can find there. Today I will focus on my best find of the day.

My search this week was for the perfect book.  There were many different areas of the store that had books, but most were at antique store prices (not really in my thrifting budget).  I was looking for an older book to buy so I can use pages on my mixed media projects.  As you can read about on my Mixed Media Inspiration post, the fact that I will be using book pages is hard enough for me.  Thinking about paying $12 for a book that I was going to use for crafts was out of the question.  I had just about given up and was thinking that I would have to go to the DI up in Provo when I saw one small bookshelf underneath a table.  There is was.  A book that had the right look for $1!  Jackpot.

It has wonderful color illustrations that I am going to save.  This picture is an illustration of "The Little Sea Maid".

  Not only did I find the perfect book that I was looking for, but I found a copy of the first book of a middle-grade series that I love....I mean, I'm sure my daughter will love.  So at the end of my trip, I was a happy shopper.

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