My Week in Springville

Have you ever been to Springville?  It is the small town next to where I live.  It's nickname is Art City because they have art located in parks and other areas around the city, it has a wonderful art museum, and they have quite a few artistic and cultural celebrations throughout the year.  It is an easy 8 minute drive south of Provo, so if you are near there, then it would be worth it to visit this neat little town.  I go there quite often to visit the 7-Eleven (I'm a Slurpee lover) and my girls love to go to the sprinkler park during the summer.

I didn't really spend a whole week in Springville.  I did decide that there are so many art related things that I would focus my posts this week on this neat little town.   This city has some great architecture, interesting old houses to drive by, and art accents on some of the buildings.  This week I hope to share with you some of the wonderful little artsy finds there. I love to visit the art museum located there and that will be one of my posts this week. Also I will write about some items I found and also a review of the Antique Mall.  Every week I like to post about a handcrafted item I have made and I even have one that has to do with Springville.  The last post will be a little off the track of crafts or artsy things.  I ordered lunch at a great little restaurant that has an eye catching seating area.

The pictures at the top of the page are of their beautiful library building and some of the neat stores in the downtown area.  The pictures that follow are from around Springville.

This is the city Parks and Rec building.  The stained glass window is a nice addition to this older building. 

This is the art museum. It has a permanent collection upstairs, an interesting sculpture garden, and a rotating collection on the first floor.

There are different sculptures throughout the city at different parks and in front of buildings.  This one is located at the sprinkler park.

This is just a beginning to what a nice place Springville is.  Join me this week as I post about different places around town.

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