Come, Follow Me Study Reminders for April

Can you believe it's already April? We are on month 4 of using the Come, Follow Me book to study the New Testament. I hope you and your family have found spiritual blessings while studying this year so far.

Today I'm sharing study reminders for individual and family reading of the New Testament that go along with the Come, Follow Me booklet. I hope you find these useful!

April Come, Follow Me New Testament Study Reminder Downloads

These reminders are good to use for your family study and you can share them with your ward members too. You can download each image to use as a visual reminder of the scriptures that you will be studying for the week.

To download for your use, click on the image that you would like to save.  Click the download button to save the image to your computer or phone. You will be able to use that image to share on social media or text to your ward members.

This month I did not create a reminder for your Sunday School class study. Because of General Conference, there will only be one Sunday School class on the 3rd Sunday of the month ~ April 21st. Each teacher will make the decision how many lessons they will teach that week.

April Come, Follow Me New Testament Study Reminders

You can use these study reminders for your personal and family by printing them out and placing on the mirror so you see them every day, you can put them on your refrigerator, set it as yoru phone background, or use as a computer screensaver. That will remind you daily of which scriptures to study.

If you want to share these with friends or ward members, you can download the image and text them to friends or members of your ward or you could use them to update your ward Facebook page. 

Come, Follow Me Weekly Study Reminders for April

Keep track of the Come, Follow Me reading in the New Testament with these weekly reminders. You will notice that the first reminder covers 2 weeks of study. I assume this is because of General Conference the first weekend in April. What a blessing to have General Conference to start our month and a few weeks later having Easter. Enjoy your study this month!

Come, Follow Me New Testament Study April 1 - 14

Come, Follow Me New Testament Study April 15 - 21

Come, Follow Me Weekly Study Reminder April 22-28

Come, Follow Me Study Reminder April 29 - May 5

Visit me at the end of April so you can download May reminders.

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