LEGO Gift Guide

Do you have one or more LEGO fans in your home? Then this is the gift guide for you! Whether you are searching for an interesting new set, ideas for what to build with bricks you have, or even the coolest LEGO clothes - I've got you covered. There is a little bit of everything on this LEGO Gift Guide, so I'm sure you will find ideas for the perfect gift for the LEGO lover on your list.

Shopping guide for lego gifts
In this gift guide, you will find suggestions of LEGO sets, storage solutions, building surfaces, clothes, and books having to do with favorite Lego characters. I hope that it gives you some great ideas for the just-right present.

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Kids of all ages love to build with LEGO bricks. I get as much enjoyment from new LEGO sets as my kids. We sometimes have what we call Wacky Build Competitions with our plethora of colorful bricks. It's always fun to see what inventive idea each of us produce. LEGOs are a great way to exercise your creativity and ingenuity.

While our house seems to have a never-ending supply of Lego pieces, we are always on the lookout for more. We build the sets over and over again, then have fun exploring creative ways to use the bricks we have to make new things. It can get pretty interesting at times.

While putting together this shopping list for Lego lovers, I had a hard time not placing most everything into my online shopping basket. I do think that I will be buying a LEGO Architecture set - they are just too beautiful! My daughter is a big fan of Paris, so I think the Eiffel Tower set would be great for her. I'm looking seriously at the Sydney or London Skyline.

Lego Gift Guide

Lego Building Surfaces

Let's start with the basics. Generally you want to have a good foundation for your build. You can use a table or large plastic lid (or see my thrift store LEGO doll house here), but to make sure your pieces don't shift around during construction let's look at building surfaces.

Building Surfaces for Legos

Books for Building with LEGO Bricks You Own

Want to be creaive with bricks you already have? You will love these book suggestions! We have two of the Sarah Dees books and my daughter loves to build following her directions. The favorite build? A candy dispenser!
books for building with legos you own already

Lego Sets to Build Your Imagination

Looking to add some new colorful bricks and sets to your LEGO collection? Here are some of the LEGO and Lego Duplo sets that might be of interest for builders of all ages.

Lego Sets for all ages to Add to Collection

Storage Ideas for LEGO Pieces

Have you stepped on Lego pieces one too many times? It's time for some storage options for those little pieces. A friend of mine has the easy to use cinch Play Bag. Kids can build right on the fabric so all those little bricks don't get spread around the whole room.
Lego Storage Solutions

Books for LEGO Lovers

Have a Lego fan that likes to read? Here are some chapter books and build your own adventure books (with pieces included!) to add to your bookshelf. We have a few of the Build Your Own Adventure books and they are fun. Each page is part of a story and you build different things with the bricks included that go along with the story.
Books for Lego Fans

LEGO Clothing and Accessories

Clothes and Accessories for Lego Fans

Want to show off your Lego love wherever you go? Take a look at these cool clothes and accessories. I know a few kids that would love a t-shirt or two.

I hope that you find something on these lists that you can get for your creative LEGO fan!

Ultimate Lego Gift Guide for All Ages

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