Book Review ~Tasting Rome

When you can't travel to Rome but want the taste of authentic Italian cuisine, peruse this book and try one of the delicious recipes that are included.

A book review of tasting Rome

My dream is to one day travel to Italy and see as much of the beautiful and ancient country that I can. The cathedrals, village markets, ancient sites, and the picturesque countryside. A visit to Rome to see the Sistine Chapel and the Roman Forum is high on my list. And of course, tasting the delightful cuisine!

** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it on my site. That in no way swayed my review, all thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links. **

The authentic food of Italy is much different than our Americanized version. They use more rustic ingredients than we usually see at restaurants, and they use the freshest ingredients that they grow or buy at the market almost daily.

When I had the opportunity to receive Tasting Rome by Katie Parla and Kristina Gill, I jumped at the chance to order this book so I could see recipes that are used in the restaurants in Rome.

Starters and Sides page from Tasting Rome cookbook

When I got Tasting Rome in the mail, I was delighted by the book. The paper quality is excellent - thick pages that feel so nice but aren't glossy and slick. The photos are wonderful and many of them take up a double page spread.

Tasting Rome is of course a cookbook, but also more than that as well. There is a bit of history included, photos of what Rome actually looks like away from the tourist spots, a bit about real life in Roman kitchens today, and detailed information about the flavorful ingredients used in Roman cooking.

Rome Italy double page photograph in luxerious cookbook

There are 8 sections of recipes in this cookbook. Your mouth will water as you look through the salad and vegetable recipes included in this book. Reading about Summer Amatriciana and Pollo Alla Romana will make you want to get in the kitchen and made a feast for your family. Who wouldn't love to try some Pizza Romana followed by Torta di Ricotta?

I think you will be pleased by the wonderful and authentic recipes included in this cookbook. From snacks and starters, through classics and variations, lovely pastas and pizzas and on to sweets (oh the gelato!) they are sure to delight.

Sweets, Desserts, and Gelato in this authentic Italian cookbook

As for me, I can't wait to make the Chicken with Tomato and Bell Peppers, Pomodori con Riso (baked tomatoes stuffed with rice), Shaved Artichoke Salad, and the Castagnole (fried dough balls with sugar).

Tasting Rome book in a cooking display with lemons

I would love to hear what you think if you purchase this book. Which recipes are you most looking forward to trying? Which ones did you like the best when you cooked them?


  1. This book makes me want to visit Rome too! Italy is so pretty and unique with all that gastronomic baggage!

  2. Looks like a beautiful book with some delicious recipes in it!

  3. I love the cover of that book! It looks like something I'd want to sit down and read!

    1. Exactly! The cover was so beautiful that I sat down to read. It's much more than a cookbook, it has stories of different restaurants and ingredients.


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