Tape Art or Tape-ography

Have you heard of Tape Art or Tape-ography? It's the new and fascinating art of creating with different kinds and colors of tape.

Tape Art or Tape-ography created by Chad Farnes
You may have seen many different washi tape crafts (see my Pinterest board for some crafty ideas), or flowers and wallets that people make out of duct tape. Tape art is very different than that.

Over the summer I visited the Provo Library for an author event. After the event was over, I stopped into the Anderson Gallery that the library has on the second floor. I was intrigued by the tape art (tape-ography) displayed that was created by Chad Farnes.

wildlife animal tape art

Chad creates his mosaic art by cutting small pieces of colored tape and layering them together to create a beautiful picture. He has a quite a few animal prints, but he also does landscapes, cityscapes, places, and is doing a series of the national parks.
seattle skyline space needle tape on canvas
 Being from western Washington, his Seattle skyline caught my eye. Anything with the Space Needle and Mt Rainier draw attention for me. The detail in these art pieces is absolutely amazing.

Mt Rainier artwork layers of colored tape

On this close up of Mt. Rainier, you can see how the small pieces of different colored tape fit together.
Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City Utah tape on canvas art

His art of the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City is amazing. The building in person is beautiful and his tape art is a wonderful example of the different hues of tape and the intricate work it takes to make one of his pieces of artwork.

detailed work of art colored pieces of tape

A close up view of the window lets you see better how small some of the tape pieces are. It's amazing to me how well the different pieces of tape go together to create a fascinating piece of artwork.

A Look at tape art or tape-ography
To find out more about Chad Farnes, his art, his inspiration, and his creation process, visit his website - Ezetary Art. You can even buy your own piece of his art - he has an amazing selection of national park scenes, wildlife animals and flowers, and even a Star Wars print.

I hope that you have enjoyed a look at a new form of artwork and it inspires you to create something interesting of your own. I would love to see any tape art that you create. You can share on my Facebook page.


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