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When starting your first sewing project, it can be daunting to look at all the supplies they have at the store. As a beginning sewist you may not have any idea what they are for and if you really need to buy them. To make it easier for you, I have put together a basic list of the essential supplies you need to start sewing.

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As you plan your first (or second or third) sewing project, you will need to focus on the essentials for supplies. These are the items that you will use in many of your projects. As you advance in what you are working on, you may need to add a few more items. These will give you a great start though.

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Essential Sewing Supplies

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     1. Measuring Tape - Whether you are making clothes, home decor pieces, or blankets you want to make sure that the size is right. Measure twice to make sure the size is right before you cut your fabric.
     2. Iron - Your fabric has been wrapped on a bolt for a while and will have creases that need to be ironed out. You want to start out with a smooth piece of fabric to ensure the correct size of your project.
     3. Water/Air soluble pencil or pen - If you need to make a mark on your fabric you want to make sure that it comes off after sewing. I have used the water soluble pencils and the marks come off very easily. For pieces of fabric that you can't or don't want to wash, use the air soluble pens - the marks stay while sewing and disappear after a few hours.
     4. Needles - Both hand needles and sewing machine needles are useful. Have extra sewing machine needles to make your sewing experience easy - the sharper the needle the easier to sew. Hand needles are good for those projects that require just a small space to sew an invisible seam or when making repairs.

Cutting supplies for sewing mat rotary cutter ruler

     5. Self Healing Cutting Mat - These mats will have a grid printed on them so you can easily measure your fabric. They are made so you can cut over and over again and still be useful.
     6. Clear Acrylic Ruler - These rulers are sturdy and ensure that you are able to cut a straight line. They have a grid printed on them so you can align the ruler with the cutting mat to make sure you get a straight cut the right size.
     7. Rotary Cutter/Scissors - I like to use my rotary cutter when working with fabric. I have tried out a few brands and like Friskars the best. Some people use fabric scissors instead of a rotary cutter. Either do the job, it's just what feels best for you.

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     8. Sewing Pins - These are useful for pinning a hem in place and holding layers of fabric together while sewing. I advise to buy the pins with the larger ball head, it makes them easier to handle.
    9. Sewing Machine - Your first sewing machine does not have to be super fancy and expensive. Start out with a basic model that has a few stitches - you usually use a straight stitch or the zig zag stitch. Even better than buying your own machine for your first project, ask friends or family if they have one you can borrow!
    10. Thread - For my sewing projects I buy all purpose thread. It is a great thread for most projects. If you are going to be doing embroidery or working with heavy-duty fabrics, there are other weights and types of thread to choose from.
    11. Seam Ripper - Everybody makes mistakes during projects. A seam ripper will end up being your sewing best friend. These make picking apart a crooked seam a bit easier and faster.

There you have it! Your essential sewing supplies for when you start out sewing. These items will get you started on your first sewing project. What sewing items have you found useful when creating your projects?

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