DIY American Flag Pallet Project

If you are looking to add a little red, white, and blue to your outdoor area, follow this tutorial to make your own American Flag Pallet. This makes a beautiful piece to show your patriotism. It turns out sharp and clean looking.

Wood DIY American Flag pallet tutorial

I finished this project just in time to have it on my porch for the 4th of July. This flag would be great to display for all the patriotic holidays throughout the year.

A few weeks ago my husband brought home a pallet from his work. I have wanted to create a pallet project, so this was a pretty exciting present for me. I thought for a few days about what I wanted to make with my pallet. I knew that with a little paint it would make a nice piece for my 4th of July porch display.

wood pallet before painting

As you can see, the pallet has a few scrapes and is worn in a few places. I liked that and decided not to sand the wood to make it smooth.

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Supplies Used

White Spray Paint
Acrylic Paints - Folk Art Brand 2oz bottles - Titanium White (2), Lipstick Red (2), and Ink Spot (1)
Mod Podge - Outdoor Formula
Wood Pallet
Painter's Tape
Star Stencil or Vinyl Cutter

red white and blue paint used for pallet project

Start your project by using the spray paint and covering the surface of your pallet. I start with a layer of spray paint because the wood soaks up quite a bit of paint and I didn't want to have to do more layers of my acrylic paint. The spray paint I used was a combination of primer and paint. Using even strokes, I was able to cover the pallet using two coats of paint. Every pallet is different, so you may have to use more coats of spray paint.

I used the painters tape to mark off the area that would be the blue part of my flag. Using my Cricut Explore Air™ machine, I designed and cut out vinyl stars to place on my wood pallet. I then used my paintbrush to paint the blue (ink spot) paint onto my pallet and over the stars. I painted two layers of the blue paint, and while it was wet I removed the vinyl stars. If you wait for the paint to dry, when you try to remove the vinyl some of your acrylic paint will come off. Remove the painters tape as well.

Using my white acrylic paint (titanium white), I painted the areas on the pallet that would have white stripes. I didn't use the painters tape for this because it didn't have to be exactly a perfect line.

painting american flag wood pallet with stars

The next step is to use the painters tape to line up the area that you will be painting your red stripes. I used a measuring tape to make sure that my tape was placed evenly as I put it on my pallet. You will need to put tape along the edge where your blue section is. Make sure the tape is attached well so there isn't any bleeding onto the blue.

I then used my red acrylic paint (lipstick red) to paint the stripes for my flag. I ended up using three coats of the paint (1 & 1/2 bottles).  When choosing a red for this project you want to make sure that the paint doesn't have too much pink in it. I originally started by using Engine Red, but it didn't have the right tone that I wanted. I looked through my paints to see what color I used for my Patriotic Wreath and decided to use the same red because I knew it was the perfect shade.

Remove the painters tape and do any small touch ups that are needed. When the paint is dry, use Mod Podge Outdoor formula as a sealant for the project. Since my project is going to be displayed on my porch, I wanted to protect it from rain or water from the sprinklers. I have used Mod Podge Outdoor on other projects and know that it works well. The colors don't fade in the sun and the paint doesn't get washed away in water. Outdoor Mod Podge is very thick and when you apply it, it is a creamy white (see the bottom right picture in the collage for example). When the Mod Podge dries, it is clear and leaves your project a slight bit shiny.

Wood American Flag Pallet on porch display

That's it for the project! You now have a wooden American Flag that you can add to your porch display. Depending on the size of your project, you can hang it or lean it against your house.

I have my flag leaning against a wooden stool with a galvanized bucket of fresh herbs on it. The flag looks nice with our Uncle Sam owl welcome mat and my Patriotic Wreath on the door.

red white and blue pallet flag with flowers

So it was visible to passersby on the 4th, we placed the pallet against the front of the house. Doesn't it look great with the white shutters and the red geraniums in the flower box?

DIY project wood pallet american flag porch decor

This DIY American Flag pallet project would be wonderful to have displayed for most of the summer. Starting for Memorial Day, celebrating Flag Day, and continuing on to the 4th of July; you can have red, white, and blue decorating your porch and welcoming guests to your home.

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