Creative Bucket List 2016

I enjoy creating lists. Lists of fun activities, to-do list, blog ideas, errands to run for the day, grocery lists, and goals. I decided to write down a bucket list of creative projects I want to work on during 2016. I thought that sharing my ideas could help inspire you to work on creative projects of your own throughout the year.

crafty creative bucket list 2016 10 projects sewing, painting, craft, diy projects, home decor, gifts

When I sat down to write this list, I wanted to add a few different type of creative crafts for the year. I have a mix of sewing, painting, a button craft, a wood DIY project, paper craft, and photography. I'm excited to work on these home decor projects and gifts.

  1. Sew a scrap quilt for my daughter
  2. Make a Christmas tree skirt (inspiration)
  3. Sew a mixing bowl cover (inspiration)
  4. Patriotic decor board
  5. Paint a board with a message for each of my girls' rooms
  6. Paint a Georgia Football plaque for my husband
  7. DIY yarn storage (honey-do project I will assist with)
  8. Paper marbling 
  9. 2017 calendar for our family of my landscape/nature photography
  10. Button Tree Canvas (inspiration)
I have the materials needed for quite a few of these creative projects on my bucket list and I'm excited to dive in and start creating. Here's a sneak peek at some of the supplies I plan on using in a few of the projects.

crafty creative bucket list 2016 10 projects fabric material scrap quilt daughter

These are some of the fabrics I will be using for the scrap quilt for my daughter. I have slowly started to cut out the squares and rectangles for her quilt and she likes to check in on the progress of piecing blocks together.

crafty creative bucket list 2016 10 projects Dr Who (doctor who) material Christmas tree skirt

Our Christmas tree skirt is going to have a Doctor Who theme. I linked above to my inspiration for this project. I am changing the design quite a bit and adding different appliqued figures to make this my own project.

crafty creative bucket list 2016 10 projects supplies painted boards

These thrift store wood finds will eventually end up being boards painted with a simple message for my girls' rooms. They picked out these bright paints last year for a different project we worked on, and I think they will love them on the decor for their room.

crafty creative bucket list 2016 10 projects buttons for button tree

I have quite a large button collection that will be perfect for the button tree that I want to make. I have a whole drawer full of different shapes and colors to choose from.

That's it for my creative bucket list for 2016. These are the creative projects I am really looking forward to this year. I hope that you received some inspiration and want to start creating for your own home as well. I would love to hear in the comments about the crafty or creative projects that you want to work on this year.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of Christmas tree skirt! My husband got us Doctor Who ornaments this year - and we're on the lookout for a weeping angel tree topper for next!

    1. Sound fun Liv! I don't know if I'm brave enough to have a weeping angel tree topper. ;) I did buy blue glass ornaments I want to add a vinyl Tardis to.

  2. Sounds like a great list of projects! I can't wait to see the button tree.

    1. That one has been on my to-do list for 2 years. I think it will be a fun project....and another excuse to go buy some more beautiful buttons.

  3. What a great list! I have so many on pinterest that I want to get too. I love the little board message ideas for your girls. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  4. I love lists as well! This is such a fun one. I may have to use a few things on it to add to my list


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