Thanksgiving Turkey Soda Bottle Craft

When a group gathers for Thanksgiving, keeping the kids out from underfoot while you finish cooking and setting the table can be a challenge. Keep them occupied by having them make their own colorful turkeys for the dinner table! This fun and creative project will keep them entertained while you finish the last minute holiday prep!

Easy Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

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I am always trying to think of ideas to make holidays a little more entertaining for my children. I decided to have them make these easy Thanksgiving Turkey Soda Bottles. Soda at our house is a treat for my girls and I thought they would love to have their root beer decorated like fun turkeys.

Thanksgiving Turkey Soda Bottle Tutorial

This is an easy craft for kids to make. If it will just be your family at Thanksgiving, you can have the kids decorate their soda bottles the day before or anytime that morning. If you have people over to your home, you could set out the items on Thanksgiving day and have the kids at your house make their own.

Supplies needed to make colorful turkeys using soda bottles

craft supplies to make a turkey out of a soda bottle

Plastic soda bottle (I used A&W root beer) 
glue dots

Note: I first tried this project using craft glue. It does not dry very fast, so it was very hard to use. The eyes would have been fine, but the feathers were a problem. That is why I switched to using glue dots instead. They are very sticky and work perfectly for this.

How To Make Thanksgiving Turkey Sodas

1. Remove label from the soda bottle.

2. Place a glue dot on the back of the eyes and then put them on the soda bottle. The easiest way to get the glue dot off of the paper is to place the item onto the glue dot, then remove the glue and item together. The glue dots are very sticky and hard to work with if you try to take them off with your fingers.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft Tutorial for Kids

3. Using the glue dots, place the feathers onto the back of the soda bottle.

Kids Can Turn a Soda Bottle into a Colorful Turkey

Depending on the length of the feather and where you want to position them, you may have to put the glue dots higher up the feather.

Easy step by step tutorial to make a colorful turkey from a soda bottle

Isn't this turkey looking cute already? I love the colorful feathers!

4. Next cut a small triangle from the felt and attach it to the bottle underneath the eyes.

Kids Thanksgiving Craft - Make a Colorful Turkey with craft supplies and a soda bottle

That's it! 4 steps for this simple and fun way to decorate a plain soda bottle for Thanksgiving. Easy for you to make in about 3 minutes. Plan on about 10 minutes for kids to make it. This can keep them busy while you are finishing up meal prep or placing all your tasty holiday dishes on the table.

Fun and easy kids craft for your Thanksgiving holiday.

There are your cute Thanksgiving Turkey Soda Bottles. Just right for a fun table decoration. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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