12 Cookbooks For Every Kitchen

Tired of making the same meals and looking for some inspiration in the kitchen? See the 12 cookbooks that can help you find some new favorite recipes.

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I love books of all kinds. When I tell my husband that I'm going to "just stop in" the bookstore, he knows that means that I'll be home in a few hours. I do have books on my tablet, but there is something about holding a book, flipping through the pages. This goes for cookbooks too. Yes, I do check for certain recipes online, but I like to have cookbooks also that I can pull out and look through.

A portion of my cookbooks are kept in the small cabinet over our microwave. This is only about half of them. There are more on the other side of the cabinet, some in a box, and I also have recipe boxes too.

I have put together a list of 12 cookbooks that I think would be great for every kitchen. If you click on the picture of the cookbook, it will take you to a page that gives more information, and also the option of buying the cookbook. They are affiliate links, so if you purchase the book, I will get a small portion to help keep Home Crafts by Ali running.

Let's start out with the cookbook that I think is useful to a wide range of people. The Betty Crocker Cookbook was one that we received for our wedding. I can't count how many times I have pulled this off the shelf to use. Sauces, egg cooking times, best cuts of meat for different meals, wonderful salads and dressings, desserts and more. There are so many helpful pictures too.

My favorite cooking blog duo has published a few cookbooks with their recipes. All three cookbooks are a great read, but this one if my favorite. The pictures included with the 150 recipes are amazing. I've never tried a recipe of theirs that I didn't like.

Campbell's Kitchen Cookbook
This is an updated version of a cookbook that I have in my own collection. My family asks for quite a few of the recipes in here. One pork chop recipe is absolutely delicious, and my husband loves one of their soup recipes as well.

I love Alton Brown's show Good Eats on The Food Network and love his books too! He gives you recipes, cooking tips, and fun cooking history. I don't personally own these, but a good friend does and I read them all the time and use the recipes. His recipe for Green Bean Casserole was the first time I tried making my own "cream of" soup and it was amazing! I've never gone back to the canned cream of soups since. If you are looking for a fun cooking adventure, pick up any of Alton Brown's books.

I had to add this fun cookbook to the list. Star Wars fans love being able to eat Twin Sun Toast,  Dark Side Salsa, Obi-Wan Kebabs, and Death Star Popcorn Balls. We have a Star Wars themed dinner once a year and use this cookbook. If you want to have fun recipes on your Star Wars night, this is the cookbook to help you plan it all out.

Whether you call it grilling or BBQ, this is the book for you. It is detailed on marinades, rubs, meats, veggies, new grilling styles, pizzas, and desserts. Buy one for you or your favorite backyard griller!

Fun Food
Have a budding chef in your family? I think they would enjoy these 25 recipes that they can make on their own (with supervision of course). I have two Williams-Sonoma cookbooks for kids and love both of them.

I love this cookbook from Rachael Ray. It's got a little bit of everything in it. It includes a whole meal menu of recipes, not just a main dish to serve. This cookbook includes sections for: Everyday, Parties, Date Nights, and Kid Chefs. Our favorite recipes? Zesty Chicken Cutlets Parmigiana, Southern Green Beans, Smashed Potatoes and Cream Cheese, Quesadilla Pizzas, and Salisbury Steak with Wild Mushroom Gravy. 

 Pillsbury Fast & Healthy Cookbook
I haven't tried this cookbook, but healthy meals in 30 minutes or less sounds great to me! The information I read said that they have recipes for casseroles, snacks, grilled meals, and even some desserts.

Are you looking for some family favorite recipes? This cookbook has homestyle cooking recipes that you will love. Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Brown Sugar Beans, Chicken & Dumplings, Deep Dish Vegetable Pie, Cinnamon Streusel Quick Bread, and Blueberry Coffeecake are among our favorites.

This is one cookbook that I haven't used yet, but it is definitely on my "must buy" list. I looked through the index and found a lot of recipes that I want to make.

If you enjoy canning your own food, this book is a must have in your kitchen. It has the correct times for canning and different methods to use. Their recipes are great. We have tried quite a few of their jam recipes and a salsa one too.

There you have it. My list of 12 cookbooks that I think would be great in every kitchen. What is your favorite cookbook?


  1. I love cookbooks and have too many! I often find them at thrift shops.

    1. I'm the same way. I was at the thrift store today and had to stop myself from buying a few more. =)


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