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This post is going to be a peek into the life of a crafter, namely my life.  Being creative is wonderful when I know what I want to work on and I am passionate about something.  Sometimes I start working on a project and I just can't stop.  I have been known to have a one track mind.

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Are you laughing?  Yes, my husband laughed too.  Except it was mixed with tears because he was in the middle of chopping onions for our dinner he was making because I was currently sitting at the kitchen table painting.

Last week when I was visiting links on the Bloggers Brags party, I came across a tutorial for sewing a sleep mask.  It's great for using up smaller pieces of fabric.  You can visit the tutorial HERE.  She talked about cutting the fabric and storing it in her PhD box.  PhD stands for - Projects half Done.  She doesn't specify, but I believe that she actually works on her PhD's from time to time.

Lately I have been going through my crafting supplies because I am in the process of moving my supplies from being stashed all over the house in every nook and cranny, to my new craft room.  One problem with that though.

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Moving everything leads to finding the PhD's I have, mostly from years ago and not too many recently.  I have a lovely and easy quilt in my fabric closet that I almost finished as a gift for one of my closest friends when she had her last son, 2 years ago.

 I have a wonderful mixed media canvas I was working on a few weeks ago, just sitting in a project bin in the kitchen.

I started crocheting different patterns of squares to make a poncho for my daughter when she was in Kindergarten, she starts 5th grade today.

So today I am making a decision.  I will start working on my creative PhD!  I am going to ask friends in my neighborhood if they want to get together and work on projects together.  Will they be brave enough to admit that they have some unfinished projects they want to work on?  I hope so.  It's always more fun to craft with a friend.

I'll keep you updated on how my PhD's are going.  For today, I will leave you with one more thought.  Happy Crafting!

Image from Craftaholics Anonymous

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